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  • TrueNutrition Canadian Shipping

    Just used the TrueNutrition site for the first time, and when finalizing the order the cheapest shipping option was $138 - on a $148 order. Why is it suddenly so staggeringly high? Previous orders off TP were less than $40 for an order of that size, using UPS standard, which is no longer an option.

    Can't afford to use TN anymore at that rate.

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    The international shipping calculator has often been messed up, I recommend e-mailing them and I'm sure they'll figure it out for you.


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      Okay sent a message; thanks a lot.


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        Originally posted by ZeroFries View Post
        Okay sent a message; thanks a lot.
        Also, they have a promotion going on right now. From TrueNutrition facebook:

        Promo Code: "HOLIDAYS2011":
        Any US, International or Canadian order over $100 or more (before shipping) placed after 12:00PM PST December 22, 2011 and using promotional code "HOLIDAYS2011" will receive a FREE bottle of capsules from the options listed below! Orders over $200 or more (before shipping) will receive TWO FREE bottles of capsules with this code!!
        **This promotion cannot be combined with any other 5% discount codes or promotions, and expires at 11:59PM PST Sunday, December 25th 2011.**
        And if you need a discount code, mine is SDSU


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          Blah! My order already shipped, damn you incredibly fast service!

          I really appreciate the advice and will use your code next time, I promise.

          And to all Canadian/International customers, just refresh your shipping address under My Account and that should solve the issue.


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            oh shit, just ordered 700+ worth of protein, i sure wish i punched in that code!!
            5% discount from TPC use GRM223


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              I wish the shipping to the UK was better!