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  • thought process before lifting

    dont know if its been discussed before but i just wanted to mention a different mindset of approaching beating the log book. everyone including myself usually has the mindset of gotta smash the book which i agree is great but i started to find somedays i would almost get antsy about having to beat it and of course the next thing to come from it is bad form just to beat the book. what i started to notice is traning when after a bad night of sleep or being sick and just not expecting to beat the log book i usually find myself more focussed and beat the previous week while having way better form. so
    i starting approaching some of my lifts as such: nice and controlled, stay calm and keep strict form and if i cant beat the book then i get to try something new. now im not trying to fail just to change, cause its usually my favourite movements which i dont want to loose get me antsy.
    its almost like the sportsteam who is eliminated from the playoffs is now loose with no pressure and becomes unbeatable. i know its def not for eveyone but on certain lifts or specific bodyparts i find it helps greatly. just
    my 2 cents

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    I hear that brotha. Too much 'nerves' seem to make me lose focus as well.

    Depends on the exercise though. A lot of free weight exercises I need to stay calm or else body english take over and form loosens; deads, db presses, squats, etc.

    However when I'm locked into a machine like hacks or hammer strength presses being antsy is fine and sometimes warranted.
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      "No mind."
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        To empty the mind?
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          What TheRoyMcCoy wrote about keeping calm before big lifts is something I like to do too, especially before squats. I also remind myself of how far I went when I last performed a move, and thinking that the number of reps is likely to be at least as it was then helps me keep calm and go for it.


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            When i think about lifting i imagine myself being super intense but when i actually do it I'm as calm as an eagle.

            Here is the weight and here is my body lifting it and there is nothing in-between.

            Not sure why.
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              I have only one objective when I do a set and that is to do the best I can at that moment. For probably 90-95% of my work out I could not even tell you how many reps I did. I understand the concept for a log book and I do believe it helps 90+% of the people who use one but its just no relevant to me really. If I perform to the best of my ability in the set at hand...I am happy. When I do a set at the end I know if I need to keep the wt there or up the wt next workout.
              Just my view.
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                i tried the "get psyched up" thing and it wasn't for me.. i just look at the weight for a minute or two and go... no scream, no yell, just a slight grunt when the weights get heavy.... although i know kids who must absolutely get psyched up for a lift
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                  To each their own, recently when it comes to the gym I've adopted Lose my F'n mind I'm picking that heavy sh*t up like it's a warm up. Sometimes you just have to let go and get it done/ I stopped planning, stopped thinking and just started doing, no screaming, just focus and determination.
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                    I write my weights out in my book in advance and don't even look back at my previous workouts until I'm done. It's all about going to failure and that's all I can do. I want to beat that damn log book and if I'm intense and going for it, I'm going to. So much of this is a mental game when it comes down to it.


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                        I like taking the calm, controlled but focused approach. Psyching up doesn't really work for me due to losing form etc. That's when I injure myself and I would like to avoid those!
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                          I try to shut anything and anyone around me and focus on the weight and movement I'm about to do...minuium reps and what I may shoot for should I make it to the goal rep....

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                            I like to go batshit psyched up crazy like the Joker fresh out of Arkam Asylum on some lifts, deads, shoulder presses and heavy rows.

                            All the other I prefer to keep a clear mind and just focus on what I'm doing. Especially if it's a lift I suck at.
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                              thats what I think about before every lift.

                              I close my eyes before I attempt and think about how I am going to crush the weight and reps. I also feel like everything around the power rack and other people in the gym disappear before I begin my descent into hell.