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    I fully understand the DC diet recommendations of Dante. Let's say you are in my shoes. Training 3x a week DC style (low volume), you have an ecto body type, but work an extremely sedentary office job 40+ hours a week. Protein is at about 2g/lb of bw. Which option would you choose to hit a little above maintenance?

    1). 250c, 125f
    2). 350c, 80f

    Essentially, I guess I am asking if you'd go with mod carbs w/ higher fats, or higher carbs w/ lower fats.

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    Stop. Just stop countng your macros.

    Worry about your protein intake. Gaining? Stick to it? Not gaining? Up your carbs.

    Getting fat? Drop your carbs, up cardio, stop mixing far and carbs.

    Lastly, use the search function.

    DC'ers aren't apt for counting calories. Count protein, and the rest is changed on the fly.

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      Thanks for the are def right, I appreciate it.


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        I'm by no mean an expert, but if you search the forum for it, you'll see the experts always advise you to change your carbs for veggies.

        (Sorry for my bad English)
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