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DC training or powerlifting for long term progress

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  • DC training or powerlifting for long term progress

    Hey guys, im coming off my contest season getting ready to start offseason and decided I want to take a minimum 2 years off to completely change my physique. I have been training for about 5 years but never gave myself any long term goals or staying in a long term routine.
    im a natural bodybuilder at 5'10 and the heaviest Ive let myself get in the offseason was around 182lbs, I compete at about 162-165.

    Im not longer going to stay at such a light weight, I know for my frame I should break 200lbs, though im going to do it slow and not sloppy, I realy feel that i have the diet under controll but what I should focus on is keeping training simple and heavy. so naturally I was thinking of doing a very simple program like 5/3/1 to bring my big lifts up.

    If i can add say 100lbs to both my squat and dead and 50 lbs im sure my physique will make big changes. I started thinking more about this and also considered giving DC a go. I guess in the end as long as I progress on the lifts it doesnt matter how I do it, Im just trying to figure out which would be a better way to contistantly improve and keep adding weight to the bar. any advice on what I should consider before deicding would be great. I really want to just get in the groove and stick to it for a long time and see the changes come in size and strength.
    THanks guys

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    Personally, I think the DC would be the way to go since you are a bodybuilder. Not a dig at any power lifters because there are some pretty large PL's out there. But since you are a bodybuilder, I would suggested reading and learning as much as you can here about DC and ask questions. Best of luck with reaching your goals. I look forward to hearing about your success.
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      i agree with TG, yes its all weight-training but PL'ing is PL'ing and bodybuilding is bodybuilding. We use the same tools but the goals are totally different....
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        I think 5/3/1 or DC would be better to add size. No doubt you're gonna get stronger on those programs as well, but I guess the question is- What do you want more, for your 1 RM's to increase, or to be bigger?
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          good points guys, I was actually leaning more towards 5/3/1 but definitly without question MASS is what im after