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    I saw you ask this question on Pro muscle and i didnt answer it because Im just tired of arguing of late but ill answer it for you.

    Why does that guy GH15 not like me?

    (It really doesnt matter because this being a visual sport when you have to hide everything about you behind an anonymous screen kind of tells the would be like a women coming into a pageant forum and saying "trust me Im a former Miss Universe, these are my opinions, and no im not going to tell anyone who I am or show who I am...just trust it being an endeavor based on the visual do you really think she is a former Miss Universe winner?)

    Anyway....its very easy...he used to recommend Trueprotein and that it was run by good people when he first started posting (again and that doesnt matter because again its an anonymous account).....but a few years back Milos Sarcev and that guy got into an argument on getbig about drugs....I honestly had to agree with what Milos said and stated it as such in the thread....he took great offense to that....and I seem to be on his mind alot ever since.

    Oh well....sometimes Skip and I dont see eye to eye on dont see him mentioning me every 3rd post of his....LOL
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    Originally posted by Doggcrapp View Post
    Oh well....sometimes Skip and I dont see eye to eye on dont see him mentioning me every 3rd post of his....LOL
    Well, seeing as Skip mentions Trueprotein in his sig, he technically does mention it in every post he makes. It's just that he has a program do all the work for him. :nerd:
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        that is one ridiculous place, certainly not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. gives the sport a bad name


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          Sorry Dante . did not see the thread.
          I wanted to find out from an ISRAELI guy I know , that he seemed to be obsessed about (fitness model)..he seemed to refer to stuff only few of us knew.
          I think I know one other guys involved . this is someone that used to do the early posts.
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