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    Hi every, don't know if you remember me, previously RACKITUP (see the resembance!!??) :showoff: ---but havent been unable to log in for agggges. Sorry INhuman, I am an impatient bugger and wanted to say hi to everyone again.

    Basically I needed some advice, but as I am waiting for a reponse from DC it would be unfair asking here aswell.

    Basically I did cut in the end, after a frosty debate better my pretty boy head (wanting to look good) and my heart (wanting to be HUGE) I cut from 200 to 170 :flip:

    ...BUT now I am back to the gym :showoff: :chair: :grumpy: and now I am back to 185 in 3weeks (Most likely :albert: muscle memory---due to the fasia stretching, + being dehydrated), but still all coming back fast

    Glad to be back, I have been a lurker still though, so I am upto date on all the gossip (Rocky preworkout Test. drop! , Silverbacks Comp---only a matter of time , and all that cheap protein warehouse handouts--TPC the clumsy baffoon...and not forgetting the T-Shirts)

    Ps...Gollum :flip: , race to 325???
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    Welcome back bro. If that's you in your avatar, your looking solid! :showoff:



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      You look a hell of a lot bigger than sub 200's!

      Nice use of smiley's, too!

      The Book Has Arrived!
      The Book Has Arrived!

      Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, used up, worn out, and shouting, "Holy #$&^%$^... What a ride!!!"

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        Originally posted by homonunculus
        You look a hell of a lot bigger than sub 200's!
        i was thinking the same thing!!

        how tall are you?

        looking good.


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          It LOOKS like a drawing almost. If that is you though, holy fucking SHIT is all I can say...


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            Welcome R4CKITUP,

            Bump, USMUSCLE reply...DAMN BRO


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              that avatar was posted on wcbb... no one could figure out who it was , is that you? bc that guy is RIPPED to shreds


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                welcome back
                :showoff: Pain is weakness leaving the body – and strength training is the antidote. :showoff:

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                  RACKITUP, PM me and tell me exactly what is going on when you tried to log on, you may have something is not right, winnie just asked me to get him some info...
                  "That damn log book"

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                    Originally posted by R4CKITUP
                    Ps...Gollum :flip: , race to 325???

                    Well there you are you old sod. Good to have you back.

                    You want to race me to 325? Well, I'm 5'5". Hmmmm....I have feeling 325 at my height could get a little messy.

                    How does 230 sounds for starters? :showoff:
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                      if thats you you look awesome for 19, hell you look awesome for any age
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                        Sorry for the confusion guys, I aint the guy (unfortunately ) in my avatar, sorry to lead you gulliable lot astray

                        Gollum, what you weighing in at the mo? As I weigh less now than when we first began "blast to 225" its going to be even harder....but I do have it all set out

                        185ibs now
                        200ibs in 5weeks (rather optimistic)
                        218/200 By Xmas
                        235ibs By next march
                        Cut 14weeks for comp/holiday/summer

                        Goal well into the 200ibs and sliced
                        (no chemical assist)

                        Thanks for the welcome everyone, nice to see lots of new faces--and Lost Prophet good to see you have come to the DARK SIDE :bat: