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Twas the night before...Metroflex

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  • Twas the night before...Metroflex

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    I haven't been this nervous in a long time. To me this is a huge event...mainly winning 2k.

    How primal is something like this? I get to use brute force and guts to provide for my family. My failure is only based on me and my lack of will.

    40 reps guys! That's my goal. I have done 30 twice in training the last 2 weeks.

    Listen for the IM shout out if I get chance!

    Scott, thanks for telling me I should get back in the game!
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    Good luck brutha! Squat til ya puke!

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      Shawn, you're gonna be a tough guy to beat, especially given how you see this - it's about survival. I know you won't carry that around like a chip on your shoulder, but stick that thought in your head and when it's go time and burn it like rocket fuel.

      (You're welcome, too. )

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      The Book Has Arrived!

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        Good Luck Brother! Can't wait to see the results. Your going to kill it!
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          Future, put $50 in your account for every rep till you hit 40+ and take that 2k check and cash that b****. You have it
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            Good luck brother, we'll all be pulling for you.
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              Good luck brother. You will make us proud no matter what.
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                its on!! i got my money on shawn!!


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                  Sfw! Sfw! Sfw! Sfw! Sfw! Sfw! Sfw! Sfw!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    What are the rules for squat depth on this competetion?.
                    40 reps guys! That's my goal. I have done 30 twice in training the last 2 weeks.
                    Any vids of those 30 rep set, I couldnt find any on your youtube page. Good luck during the contest, You are definitely a beast at squatting. The video with for 700x3 was just insane. The bar was bending so much I thought it was a Buffalo bar. Just like Dave Smith, picture perfect deep reps.
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                      This will be a great event. I wish you the best optimal condition on the day of the event.


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                        Can't wait for the results
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                          Originally posted by dcwannabee View Post
                          What are the rules for squat depth on this competetion?
                          Also curious about this.


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                            :first: crush it Shawn!
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                              Smash ittt!
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