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Rest pause walking lunges?

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  • Rest pause walking lunges?

    So I'm trying to help a buddy of mine bring up his legs, particularly his posterior chain. After seeing an old post of dante's, I put walking lunges in his program for quads. Since these are done with dumbbells in hand and do not strain the lower back, would you think they are ok to rest pause? If so, with what rep range would you th
    ink is acceptable?
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    I personally would not rest-pause them, for me my form tends to break down when I start to fatigue and breathing like a locomotive. Doing lunges as a widowmaker set at the end of your leg workout would be a great idea though.


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      In addition to the original questions, if you straight set them should you do two sets when on a two way split?
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        Just thinking out loud on this, but I might switch to this as a widow maker say closer to contest time versus off season since you use less weight and have less room for improvement weight wise. I haven't done DC precontest, but I know that some people drop the rest-pause sets and go straight sets leading up to a show. I don't know if they drop the widow maker, but I know for me I wouldn't be able to keep up on Squats for widow makers the last 12 weeks before a show, so maybe the walking lunge would be perfect in this situation. Plus this might help with the glute/ham tie-in (many people struggle with this) come contest time. I know I had them in my routine precontest last time, but just here and there since it irritated my IT band. I later wished I would have used them more.
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          Are you doing DC training with this guy or do you just happen to be doing a two way split and asking how to incorporate this exercise in particular?

          Without knowing anything more about him, I'm not too keen to suggest RP'ing walking lunges regardless of the training program you have him doing.

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