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    I have been training since the late '80's and alone since '02. I rarely find someone dedicated enough not to waste my time waiting for them to workout. I've been Dc Training for about 2yrs. I'm 41 5'9 245-250.

    A young guy at work, 24, is done with football- running back. He has 2 cousins that play in the NFL and 1 that is a top IFBB pro. The guy has great genetics, and wants to be a pro bodybuilder. Since I'm the only one he knows in town with my priorities straight, he wants me to train him.

    My training is like a job. I go in with my book, follow my routine and leave. I have about an hour. Since Dc is an advanced workout, Does anyone have advice as to modifying it for beginners in a way that won't affect my training? Someone to spot me at 3am would be nice.

    My thought was no rest pause but instead doing straight sets of the same exercises with a rep scheme of like 12,8,5 or something. I'm still kicking the thought around.

    Should I let him train along side with me? Any advice would be great?

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    If this guy was a football player he probably has some muscle right? And experience in the gym? If he is willing to train DC with you I would just do it. Don't modify anything, just give him a lesson in it before you guys hit the gym, have him read some of the stickies.

    If he doesn't want to do it then you are kinda hosed. Doing an alternate rep scheme like you laid out wont be DC training. That one all out, rest paused set is kinda the basic tenet of the program.
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      introduce him with straight sets prob in the 12-20 range 1-2 per muscle group especially if he's natty. Someone who has played ball at a d1-d2 college level and done well with it will have enough experiance to see where to go from there.