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  • Blast 10 and 11 results

    I have been keeping most exercises as long as I am making progress with them, so these two blasts have many of the same exercises. I have dropped down to 238 from ~258 the last blast to be in shape for physical fitness tests to become a police officer. My strength has not suffered.

    FLAT BB 245x13--------------> 285x12
    CG rows upright 95x22--------> 130x22
    INC SKULLS 110X22-----------> 130X19 (BEING REPLACED WITH dead skulls)
    Life fitness Calf raise 210x13--> 260x14 (replacing with seated c.r.)
    sumo leg press 830x11--------> 850x10 (replaced with BW curls)
    squats 335x5 250x20---------> 370x4 315x20
    rack chins 100x19------------> 120x16
    BB Row 295x6 275x11--------> 300x6 260x12 (concentrated on form)
    drag curls 90x22--------------> 105x25
    leg press c.r. 400x10---------> 420x12
    lying leg curls 85x24--------->110x23 (replacing with lunge squats)
    zerchers 315x6 225x20-------> 380x5 280x19
    deads 455x4 405x9-----------> 510x4 455x7
    preachers 70x21--------------> 85x20 (replacing)
    wide rows (rear delts) 130x21-> 165x21
    cable extensions 125x19------> 145x20 (replacing with reverse grip bench)
    donkey c.r. 110x12-----------> 140x14
    LF single leg press 250x9------->310x8
    widowmaker tumble squats - 5 sets of 20 ending with 50x11
    neutral rack chins 75x18--------> 95x16
    hammer curls both arms 70x27---> 105x22

    These are just some of my exercises and the gains are over five months with two short cruises in between.

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    keep it safe with the flat bb.
    "An egg yolk is a terrible thing to waste"


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      widowmaker tumble squats - 5 sets of 20 ending with 50x11
      What are these?


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        I believe he is referring to these as tumble squats.

        If not my apologies.


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            Thanks for the tumble squat enlightenment, those are evil.


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              Amazing cruise; Orlando, great girl, great food, no gym. Back to the grind last night when I got in...Ate moderately all week, stuffed my face last night, down 5 lbs from the end of my blast. First workout as follows;

              Moderate neutral grip pulldown
              Neutral grip bent over hammer strength row
              wide cable curls
              rope cable curls
              Roman cheers

              Flat BB rack presses
              shoulder width upright rows
              Close grip machine presses

              Numbers down ~7% from last blast. Wish me luck I will keep updating this thread.