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  • How can i fix this

    Well, my problem is my right side overpowers my left and i dont know how im going to deal with it when i start DC. For example i when i do a bb curl, or a bench press, or military press the bar gets lop-sided when i lift up, that's why i always use db's and try to avoid BB's, but i know when i start DC im going to be using the smith machine alot and am going to run into some problems.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, thnx!

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    I've had the smae problem when I first started training. And even now I still see it a bit. The only way I corrected it was throught dumbbell and lots of unilateral movements.

    for me my left side is weaker, so I always do that side first with say dumbbell then match it to my right side.

    Another thing you can do is for a bit of time, lower the weight to make sure your getting proper form. It may take sometime but you just have to force your body to correct the problem. So you need ot be more self aware of it and correct it at the best of your ability.
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      i have the same problem. my right arm is nearly an inch larger than my left.
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        I have no idea if its the right thing to do, but i add more work to my weaker left side. Say i can dumbbell curl 40lbs for 12 reps on my right. But come my left, i can only squeeze out 9. I'll then get a lighter weight say 30lbs and try my best to squeeze out more reps on my left than 12 reps.. better still, try and beat that.
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          use iso lateral hammer equipment on some days.


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            I agree... Isolateral Hammer Strength machines are a great way to balance things out. In general, unilateral training is a good thing to promote balance. Here are some things I do...

            - Hammer Strength Incline Bench
            - Hammer Strength Decline Bench
            - Unilateral Low Cable Rows
            - Unilateral Dumbbell Extensions (tricep)
            - Unilateral Calf Raise
            - Dumbbell Curls of all sorts
            - Dumbbell Rows
            - Hammer Strength Lat Pulldowns
            - Unilateral Leg Curls
            - Unilateral Leg Extensions
            - Split Squats
            - Unilateral Tricep Cable Pressdown

            To achieve symmetry this type of training is a must.

            My problem is a size difference between my left and right calf... grrrrrr...


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              I would say it is more of a mental thing,,, you should also focus on using a weight that you can control evenly,,,, lifting lopsided is a sure fire way to get your shit injured
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                Originally posted by bigp3
                I would say it is more of a mental thing,,, you should also focus on using a weight that you can control evenly,,,, lifting lopsided is a sure fire way to get your shit injured
                Ya, it's weird, for example sometimes when im doing BB movements, when i really try to focus on using equal strentgh to push the weight up and bring the weight down, they are even but it's usualy those last 2-4 reps that my left side starts to go out on me. Even though it's hard to use DB's while rest pausing, you think i should still use them? My gym does not have many machines other than the pec dec preacher curl type of shit.

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