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Best or Favorite Exercises for each bodypart.

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  • Best or Favorite Exercises for each bodypart.

    Im just fishing here for some new exercises, your best or favorite exercises meaning the ones that have been the best for you in gaining mass and strength.

    Chest-Dumbbell incline chest press:145lbers. unfortunately i have to tape on plates to the sides of the dumbbells, pain in the ass.

    Shoulders-Clean and press-2x45's plus 10lb plates a side. i really love this exercise but it takes so much out of me and if Im doing deadlifts and squats it makes the blast a lot shorter.

    Triceps-seated dumbbell behind head tricep press. Love this one but puts major pressure on my elbows.

    Biceps-seated incline alternating Dumbbell curl. cant seem to get past 65 pounders without my wrists hurting.

    Forearms-Barbell seated wrist curl.

    Back width-Overhand hammer strength pull downs. 7x45's with 10lber's extra on each side.

    Back thickness-barbell rows. 4x45's plus 15lbs a side

    Calves-Leg press calves. 10x45's

    Hamstrings-Dumbbell bench leg curl. 125lb dumbbell

    Quads-free squats. 6x45's

    these are the exercises that have worked the best for me but like everyone else, im always looking for some other exercises that might help me out now and in the future.

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    In case you didn't see it:
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      I'm looking for some replies from the heavy weight lifters. I throw around some big weights and the 24 hour fitness that I go to lacks a lot of variety so Im trying to get some ideas through others found great exercises.


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        lets see some pics/stats Wals....
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          I'll get some vids up sometime soon, I dont have any currently but when I start up my next blast which will be on Tuesday I will post some video of some of those exercises.
          I'm 5'8" and right now 240lbs. When I started DC training 3 years ago I was about 180lbs, so dc training has kicked ass for me and I cant stop or do any other workout, I'm addicted. I am trying to get even bigger and stronger here in the next couple of months for a strongman competition in my state of Oregon in August. I have some shoulder issues and so I'm looking to try some new exercises or staples that some strong dudes use to keep up my strength gains and size increases.


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            Thats some impressive weight your moving if you aren't bullshitting.

            7 plates a side on HS Pulldowns?? I didn't even think you could fit that much weight on the machine.


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              You got that strong and don't know more than 1 good exercise for each bodypart? You say you DC so you should be familiar with exercise variation... you can't get THAT creative... and if your gym is limited, some of the more creative suggestions probably won't be feasible anyway... might want to not try and reinvent the wheel? Stick to what got you this strong and switch to other exercises (that you already know) as you stall?

              Not sure what you were expecting... it's not like someone will be like "Decline DB Presses" and it'll blow your mind like, "Oh mannnn never thought of changing the angle of the bench!"
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