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Taking MG's powdered muscle and Geraniamo question?

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  • Taking MG's powdered muscle and Geraniamo question?

    So I finally got some MGPM and was wondering if taking it pre workout after my Geraniamo would be counterproductive? I usually take the Geraniamo 30-45 mins pre workout and was planning on using 1/3 of the MGPM mix 10 mins prior(during my warm up). Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Take your pre workout Geraniamo as you were then mix the recommended two scoops of MGPM in 21oz's of water. Drink about a third on the way to the gym then the rest during your workout. I time mine to have my last sip of the drink after my very last set/rep and pre cardio. I think you will be amazed at the pump and your fullness this way. I am at least... I train DC style and have a large gulp after my lest rep of each muscle group. I also tend to hit the water fountain as the MGPM makes me thirsty.

    I tried a couple other protocols and this one seemed to provide the best feeling.
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      You should take it ALL during the workout, you need to maximise the effects