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******Discount Code Winnings: May 2011

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  • ******Discount Code Winnings: May 2011

    Always funny when someone posts in the old thread around this time ! Great work to all, its a pleasure to see these kinds of rewards, you earned it! Please note that Oscar will be handling all discount code winnings from this point forward, so collection e-mails can be sent to [email protected]. Be sure to check for your name below for this month's protein winnings! Dont forget, we have now reduced the cash in amount to only 8lbs in winnings that can be exchanged at a rate of $5/lb!! Unfortunately, as many of you are well aware, there is an extreme shortage in Whey on the market, so we can only allow for the following powders to be selected for this months winnings:

    8lbs of Protein:
    Micellar Casein
    Beef Protein Isolate
    Gemma Pea Protein
    Rice Protein Concentrate
    Soy Protein
    Calcium Caseinate
    Complete Milk and Dairy Isolate


    1x Fish Oil + 1 Bottle of Caps


    3x Bottles of Caps


    4lbs of Protein and 1 Bottle of Caps


    $5/lb CASH!!


    Discount Code Winnings

    May 2011

    $300 8 lbs $40

    LRN483 Llllern
    JTP676 Justin
    SAM210 Sam
    JSW719 James
    AMR488 Adam
    CHS708 Chris
    ego693 Egill
    MRP377 Manvir
    EAN5533 Evan
    JYC278 Jeremy
    JEP152 Jerade
    JSG555 Jonathan
    JED953 Jesse
    JVK010 John
    HEC803 Hope
    bohica David
    KJM329 Kevin
    JAW325 Joshua
    ORP325 Oscar
    FKY501 Frank
    LMR104 Liam
    NPP443 Nathan
    JEM727 Joe
    LYP800 Larry
    EMY212 Jeremy
    KSF812 Kurtis
    HSK563 Haras
    DNT276 Duncan
    KEE774 Kevin

    $600 16lbs $80

    TRA888 Trevor
    RJR168 Ryan
    LYLE Lyle
    ERB326 Ryan
    LEO100 Leon
    KEB246 Kyle
    NNS737 Nathan
    DKT737 Derek
    KEE774 Kevin
    MOU110 Marko
    SES941 Serge
    ZYL281 Zachary

    $1200 32 lbs $160

    BNT602 Ben
    MDR963 Matt

    $1500 40 lbs $200

    AWB592 Andrew

    $7200 192 lbs $960

    JNG375 John

    Awesome job guys! What a month! please contact Oscar at [email protected] with the type of protein (or protein mix) or different proteins you want and Trueprotein flavor and sweetener you want (if any) with the shipping address (alot of you forget to send that) and please put "I sold protein for Dante in March" in the subject line ok so I know what post this is coming from. Alot of you asked if you could substitute the waxy maize for protein, yes I have no problem with that as its roughly the same price. Please remember that the free flavor/sweetener for these does not include the Premium flavoring systems, thats extra that you must paypal over to us ok? We make nothing on Trueprotein Premium flavoring--we pay what you pay for it.

    ****Note: GUYS PLEASE SEND OVER YOUR FULL NAME AND ADDRESS TO US OK. No lie this has happened to us several times in the the past with the discount codes. You say hey this is "Billy Ray" and i want this for protein....I send it over to my warehouse crew and they pick the first address in the database that comes up and it turns out you moved. And we send to that address in the database. Please send me your full name and address so they can cut and paste it right in there and there are no mistakes.

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    Awesome. Congrats guys!
    International Elite Raw Powerlifter
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      Thanks to everyone...
      SAVE 5-10% @ Use code: LG100

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