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    Hey guys,
    Gotta question on diet (not your typical "check out my diet" thread). I'm Muslim, and maybe some of you have heard of Ramadan. Well, it's a month of fasting during the day (no food or water while the sun is up). Sun goes down, you can eat and drink as much as you want. My schedule is such that I cannot work nights and eat all night and sleep all day. This year Ramadan falls in the month of August, and those are going to be some LONG days.

    I was wondering if any of you have delt with this before or maybe you've trained clients who are Muslim and have delt with this. I'm a DC trainer, but my diet is going to have to change.

    Here was what I'm thinking:

    Training wise - take a long (1 month) cruise of lifting straight sets no R/P.

    Nutrition wise - LOTS of Casein in the morning before the fast, with STRICTLY HIGH FAT/HIGH PROTEIN breakfast. Fast all day (no food or water), then hit the whey once sun sets with some fast+mod acting carbs. Train, then eat as much as I can fit in.

    I am totally aware that this does not comply with DC eating plans, but it's only 1 month.

    Just wondering if anyone has any input or experience with this.

    Thanks in advance guys.


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    I think there is an element of common sense to be considered here. You are going to eat a load of food (high in protein) and not drink water all day for a month. You are also going to wreck your metabolism this way too. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up putting a bunch of fat doing this instead of maintaining. I think you would be better off just going for a "full break" and just use that as your extended cruise every year.
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      I'd treat in the same manner as int. fasting but modify it into 3 meals(before sleep, middle of the night, wake up). If you sleep soundly and dont want to get up then take it down to 2 meals or get 2 meals in from the time you wake to the time sun rises.
      I'f you're training(even cruising with straight sets) I highly doubt fat gain with a 13-17hr period of fasting.

      Dont sweat casein vs whey. I think it's over thinking. Eat clean and eat large. If you want to minimize hunger during the day switch to a keto. Your appetite will sink(at least this is the common outcome).


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        I think if you train like you said, and eat like Pheedno suggested you should be fine. You're obviously not going to break any new ground but you should be able to maintain just fine. I would definately make something fast digesting like LBA's or whey iso your first "meal", then you could eat some whole food a short time later.
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          1. Your metabolism will be fine.
          2. Eat 1-3 meals during "dark" time. Make them large, especially the the first meal following your workout.
          3. I don't know as though you have to cruise that whole time, if you can eat big, you could still see some small bits of progress.
          4. The way and what you eat wont matter as much as making sure you eat adequate protein and carbs to recover.
          5. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest, and try to workout in the late afternoon or evening.
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            Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets leaner. (Not saying more muscular, but leaner)

            The IF crowd is typically small(er), but lots of 'em are peeled.

            As others have pointed out, this is basically just a modified IF.

            Do not be afraid of something like 70g of protein per meal if you're doing three. Do not be afraid of something like 100g of protein per meal if you're doing two. (Just guessing; I don't know your weight.) My point is: Don't think you can eat a "normal" protein portion if you were eating something like 4-6 meals per day before. Obviously it needs to go up.

            Check out Martin Berkhan and his site for reference.


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              So, Jgums, if you're living in Omaha, still and Ramadan is in August:

              -You'll have sunrise about 6:15 and sunset around 8:30 and the high temp wil. be about 85 degrees F.

              -You drink NO water for this entire time (>14hr) and during the 10hr of darkness get to squeeze in sleep, training and food.

              When do you typically go to sleep and when do you need to be at work?...

              What do you do during the day - how much are you in the heat?...

              When do you / can you go to the gym during the day and can it be during the early or late hours of the darkness?...

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                This will be really useful. As well as this here:

                Disclaimer: I am not a DC trainee/expert/guru/coach, anything I say is purely my opinion based on experience and research I've read


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                  I also agree that intermittent fasting (if you like the LeanGains protocol that would be fine) would be a very good option.

                  Let's not forget that many people make great gains both with muscle mass and losing fat using something along the lines of the Warrior diet, which would be perfect for your predicament and has the "fasting" element already built into it.

                  If you meet your macronutritional and caloric goals within the time you can eat, I see no reason why your progress should suffer. Good luck.


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                    Thank you all for the great advise!
                    MUCH APPRECIATED!

                    I train on the 2 way split (not ready for 3 way by any stretch!). My goal is to pack on as much mass as I can before August - just started this blast last week (wonder if I can make it 2 months on this blast before August comes). Been training DC off an on for the last 5 years. For the last year I tried a few different things this last year to see if I was "missing out" and got my answer (hahaha-nope! never made as much progress as I did following the 2 way split TO THE "T"!!!).

                    To Homonunculus (to address your questions).

                    1. Yes - I still live in Omaha
                    2. I will not be in the sun during this period, as my job restricts me to indoors.
                    3. I work as a resident physician, so my hours are long. I will probably be getting to work at around 7 AM in August. It's hard to tell because I will be on a different rotation that month (never really know what the schedule will be like until it gets here). I'm going to be working in the ICU that month, which is really making me second guess the whole fasting idea. No food and no water while I'm taking care of critically ill patient's - may not be healthy from either end. But I will probably be working from 7am to 6pm or 7pm, and then every 3rd or 4th night I will likely be staying over night in the hospital for a 24 hour shift.

                    4. Sleep - well, whatever I can get. I usually come home, workout, have 2 meals, then go to sleep (usually around 11 pm), then I'm up by 6am (depending again on the rotation I'm on).

                    5. Gym time - I was wondering if it would be better to hit the gym before sunset, and time it right so that I can drink/eat AFTER my workout. But I'm afraid I may be at risk for pulling/tearing a muscle if I train while I'm dehydrated. I can hit the gym at any time after I leave work - it's not far from my home.

                    I've dealt with hectic schedules before. I have been training for over 10 years. Got serious about lifting once I graduated college and went off to grad school. Now that I'm in residency, the schedule is busier, but I don't let it stop me from lifting. It's the one thing that is all MINE and I can do and I'm in control and it's just me and the weights - I LOVE it!

                    I'm an ectomorph by nature, so I really have to be careful with eating enough. I'm really having a tough time deciding if I should even fast, it's something i really struggle with. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this and how the dealt with it. I've never fasted before, but it makes me feel like a "bad Muslim" when I don't. Never really know how to deal with it.

                    Anyway, now I'm rambling. Thanks again you guys for all your help - again, MUCH APPRECIATED!

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                      Originally posted by Carlito Gambino View Post
                      WOW Carlito - that last link was great! This is stuff I already know, but it was very well organized and somewhat motivational for me. Thanks man!


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                        You're very welcome, man. I've heard from a couple of my Muslim friends how hard it is to combine bodybuilding with Ramadan so here's hoping you can make it through August.
                        Disclaimer: I am not a DC trainee/expert/guru/coach, anything I say is purely my opinion based on experience and research I've read