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question for dante re: hanging stretch

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  • question for dante re: hanging stretch

    hi there. just a question on the hanging wide grip chin stretch,
    for maximum benefits and maximum width development using this stretch, how wide should one aim to go?? should one aim to as wide as they can, or shoulder width is ok? i ask this because the gym i go to does not have a very wide chin bar and im 6'4 with a long armspan. I have seen pictures of arnold performing chins super wide, much wider than shoulder width, is this the grip we should be aimimg for when doing this stretch (in a safe manor ofcourse)???
    and as we progress and the weights we hang with get heavier and heavier, do we aim to extend our grip further and further apart??? anyone else feel free to chime in.
    train hard guys.

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    try these

    Not just making up the numbers