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Your thoughts on carb cycling/calories.

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  • Your thoughts on carb cycling/calories.

    Hey guys. Alright so I know were not suppose to discuss diets. But I just want to throw around some thoughts and get a little input.

    Ok so when I first started DC'ing it I kinda screwed around with my diet alot. I jumped my protein all the way up and basically chucked my carbs up there too. This kinda caused me to gain a bit of water weight and fat really quickly, but my strength started to shoot upto. As i got into it more i realised it was more about hunger and not stuffing myself senseless to the point where i was going to lapse into a comma.

    So now ive got my diet under control the way i like it. Or so i thought. I can eat my protein, great, love it. When it comes to carbs i hate it. Carbs jus make me think of bodyfat. I dont need them i dont like them. So i use them appropriately around workouts. So now that ive sorta dropped carbs, which ultimately means calories come down some too, so my strength gains have slowed down a bit. I'm feeling slightly, just slightly sluggish. Now ive got some thoughts on how to make myself get back upto where i want to be, olive oil. Im a fan of healthy fats more than carbs.

    But i had one other thought. A cheat day. This thought came about after david henry talked about his eating in an interview, now yes ive heard of carb cycling and cheat days. But it never really played up to me until now. Now some of you might say. What the hell are you doing eating clean your trying to grow. Well im currently inexperienced as i know. So this dieting thing is gonna take somewhat a while to figure out. So until i can really get it down i want to gradually bring things in. meaning listen to my body and not everyone else when they say shovel carbs, cause when i shovel carbs i get fat. Ive done it 3 or 4 times. when i'll go high carbs for 3 or 4 months and get really fat.

    So ok down to this cheat day carb cycling thing. Alot of you will know the benefits. Im hoping its gonna throw my body a curve ball so it kinda kick starts my metabolism and gives me a great boost for the workouts in the week.

    I was hoping i could get EVERYONES thoughts on this stuff. usually when it came to cheating or high carbs i'd jus eat something everyday but doing it once a week really high or maybe twice a week , then i could see some real benefits.

    so guys/girls gimme everything you got on this.

    its not dc dieting. its jus thoughts on the whole cheating and carb cycling. to get tons of calories in.

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    Don't even mention that word, CARB around me, I ain't in the mood...
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      Asim, You need to keep protein high and carbs at bay, of course you may need more carbs on training days than off days, but you must keep your BF in check, with cut offs and cardio, trust me on this one...
      "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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        My protien is high. Really high. Were talking 400 or more. 450-470 on a training day. And thats for me basically at 176lbs now. I gained another 7lbs in the past 3 weeks. Thats 22lbs in total over like 10 proper weeks of blastin. 12 weeks in total.

        So my protein is high, carbs have levelled or gone down. The calories and fats are slowly comin up.

        Carb cut off is there. Cardio is there. Im seeing myself lean out slightly again cause im judging more by hunger. But i want to keep accelerating that muscle gain. Before it was 20-40lbs everytime on major movements, then it starts to slow down to 10-15 then like working on raising reps again.


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          Asim, I generally keep carbs higher on my training days. I need less carbs when cruising, less carbs on a non training day, more carbs when blasting and more carbs on a training day. Cruising/training days and blasting/non-training days in terms of carb consumption fall where they may. However, from the sounds of it you and I are about the same in terms of carb sensitivity, so sometimes cheat days are out of the question for us that are somewhat endomorphic. However, what IS beneficial for us is just a carb-up day. This means a day in the week, usually Sunday, where you raise your carbs by a good margin. Keep fats to a minimum on this day. For tomorrow *Sunday*, I will be taking in ~500g protein as always, and around 400g carbs. Remember, cleaner carbs on this day, don't go crazy with the junk food or anything. That's just my take on it.


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            Sounds good man. Thanks.