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Returning to DC after long layoff...

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  • Returning to DC after long layoff...


    Ive posted here a few times before, and wanted to know any opinions or tips from some of the more seasoned guys for somebody returning to heavy training after a long layoff.

    To recep, I injured my back in Nov of 2008, and while I have sporadically been in the gym since that time I have hardly been consistent and in the past 6 months alone I havent even touched a weight. So after getting some financial things completed, I am now re-starting my training. Before my injury I was around 270lbs at 6'3 carrying around 15-16% bf and had been using DC for a few years and gotten fairly strong.

    I am now 30 years old, and probably weigh around I have luckily maintained most of my basic size from all those years pushing my limits, but obviously to return and surpass my old form I am going to need to get back in the gym consistently.

    For anybody who has taken a long layoff like myself, any recommendations you have would be appreciated for anything including training, diet, routine setup, etc.


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    Hey I am in a very similiar position as you. Check out my log and what workout I am doing. It's working out great, I am getting stronger, and its a great way to get back into lifting and prepare yourself for DC


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      awesome, thanks.. Ill check it out.

      So you didn't start right back into DC but into a more gradual type of routine first?


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        Just a brief suggestion, start with a week or 2 of just cardio to get your endurance up. Then when you start the DC training, do straight sets for 3-4 weeks or until you feel you have 1) determined your strength levels so that you can judge your starting weights accurately, and 2) you are ready for the increased intensity of RP sets.
        This is how I did it after layoffs from 3 shoulder surgeries in the past 2 years.
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          It is a 2-way setup, only a 2 exericise rotation, straight sets, start off modestly then over a few weeks work up to failure then 1 month in you should be to failure and really try pushing it with progression


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            Not to hijack the thread, but I need some work on my traps and upper back, and I know the DC program calls for deads instead of direct trap work due to greater stimulation.

            I get that, but that would mean rotating two dead variations, trying to work on upper back, as only one would mean hitting that with enough stimulation once two weeks.

            Plus, two variations with all the back squatting I'm doing and other low back intensive exercises, wouldnt this lead to injury or severe lower back discomfort at the least?

            Why not rotate a shrug movement?