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Dusty and the Shadow hit back

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  • Dusty and the Shadow hit back

    Temple gym England.....Dusty runs thru some back exercises with the Shadow

    "Lets get nasty Yates!"
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    yates still looking thick.
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      Its spotless in front of the could eat off the tar (if you were a rat)

      Pretty boys dont apply....only for the hardcore.
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        And the start for the NPC Nationals begins.....

        bring it....
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          AWESOME!...we require vids for intensity verification purposes...

          Dusty is one of the few (pro and amateur) to possess the ability to impress the shadow...strength and intensity-wise
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              Dam, that must have been fun!!
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                WOW! Lucky dawg. Talk about glitz and glam.
                No-one trains HARDER!!


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                  Wow lol that feels me with envy and pride for Dusty. I Hope more pics or even a video? Oh please Dante or Dusty. Drive drive drive Dusty
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                    probably one of the COOLEST posts ive seen since ive been here.........
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                      Don't post much, but when I was stationed in England I trained at Temple Street for 2 years. Best gym ever.


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                        It looks like Dusty is taking the trash out in one of the pics. That was be a cheap price to pay for being tortured by Yates.

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                          Originally posted by lhart6272 View Post
                          yates still looking thick.
                          Ya thats the first thing I noticed. Especially for standing next to someone as big as Dusty.


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                            Very cool. DC meets Blood and Guts. I hope there is video forthcoming.
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                              So how's Dusty doing ? Is he going back to low volume ?

                              I thought he was going to train John Meadow's style this offseason ?

                              He's looking huge as usual...
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