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  • Huge DL PR

    Felt strong, so I went for it and ended up with 440 x 16

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    Nice job man


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      Looked easy bro,, congrats!

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        good lift mang, how tall are you?
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          awesome mate :-)


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            Nice work!


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              Nice pull man!


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                Thanks all! I'm basing my percentages for this training cycle off 585 trying to get my pull into the 600s. I think I'm good for at least 600 now as my reps have shot up.

                @Roy: I'm 6'3".


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                  Perfect form. Awesome man.
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                    GJ, very strong
                    The only easy day is yesterday


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                      Good lifting, I can only dream.
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                        nice lift and good form as well! what's your current routine set up?


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                          I'm doing something I've concocted myself, lol.

                          I train M, T, W, F, Sun. right now.

                          Three days of the week--M, W, F--I'm doing Chad Wesley Smith's Juggernaut Method (e-book available at EliteFTS) aimed at squat, incline bench, and deadlift, respectively. After the main movements on those days, which are all percentage based, I "bodybuild" with exercises/principles influenced a lot by John Meadows (mountaindog1) and some DC because I keep my stretches in.

                          Friday is deadlifts, and its all back thickness movements after that (horizontal plane). So Tuesday I do all my back width movements (vertical plane). TBH--and some may this is blasphemy--I am loving splitting my back up. Probably just because it's not something I'm used to.

                          Sunday is arms :tongue1:.

                          I'm just having fun right now, and trying to get my maxes up because as I was prepping for my show (see my avatar) I realized that I had gotten away from heavy squats and deads :frusty:. So my rule for my training as of late is the more it sucks (e.g., high-rep deads), the more I'm going to do it.

                          Nothing put size on me like DC, though. Once I finish the Juggernaut Method training cycle, I'll probably saddle up again for another blast, ha.
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                            Good stuff man!


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                              great form made it look easy. High light that page in your log.
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