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    I've been using the D grip Tricep stretch in the pulley rack. Get on me knees, face away from the pulley, Put the handle over me head and let it pull on my Tris and its been working well but today I tried something diff. I went to the hammer strength dip machine and loaded on some weight. I put the seat as low as possible, Put my hands on the handles and pressed down in the dip position while sitting.Because the seat is so low my elbows go real high and never hit the top so I ahve to hold the weight up and it rips the shit out of your tris(if you have the right poundage for your strength). I hope you guys understand what Im trying to say, IT REALLY WORKS!!!I really liked this so thought Id share....

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    Nice, nice...I think Shelby did one similar to this...
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      tried the D ring stretch this weekend, it was good, felt it a lot more in the long head. I too have smally girly hands and the db was rough......
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