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Knee cap problems when training legs

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  • Knee cap problems when training legs

    scott and i have gone back and forth a bit after i sent a video of me asking him to citique my form on the hack/sissy squat he showed us. i figured id post this here as well and see if anyone else has had this problem or has heard of it and maybe has suggestions. one thing i will say here i didnt say in the letter is that even if there is no pain WHILE im training there is localized soreness for a day or 2

    VERY GOOD. YOUR THE MAN SCOTT!....lemme ask you a question. my left knee is a little sore right on the knee cap. ive been having some moderate problems lately with it. when i sit in a chair, knees bent my right knee cap has a very round feel to it when taking my fingers and lightly rubbing over the top of it. my left knee cap however has a more flat feel to it and almost as if its caved in.........When i get up to a certain weight in my leg training on the heavy movements such as leg presses and hack squats (i dont squat due to disc preoblems unless its in the smith) i have absolutely no problem at lowering the weight but when i press it back up from the stretched position there is a sharp stabbing pain just under the knee cap. now if i spend a good deal warming up (10-15min on bike, 6-8 progressively heavier sets on extensions, and then likewise on presses) and i wrap my knees it doesnt seem to bother me until i get to that last rep before failure. also it seems if i do anything else besides very low volume it happens as well. any suggestions? i mean im spending 30minutes warming up which is limiting the amount of weight i can use since im somewhat fatigued by the time i get to my working sets and also it is limiting my ability to practice progressive resistance. like i said i tried substituting progression for volume but using high volume seems to upset it as well....ever encountered this? known someone that has?.....any suggestions are welcome...thanks thinking of making this a thread on IM to see what others say as well.

    thanks in advance,

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    I have the same problem and can only avoid it by doing everything in my power to concentrate on not putting any weight on my toes.