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Why I Love Working Out

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  • Why I Love Working Out

    A short segment I wrote for my blog. Hope you guys enjoy it. |

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    Awesome read. Puts into words what goes through my head often as well. Thanks for posting it here as well


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      Hi Jason,
      Though I am not new in gym but don't have a vast experience like you but I also thought of it many times. Thanks for sorting my confusion. I like the picture also
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        Always love reading your blog Jason,

        One of the few bookmarked pages i eagerly check each day for new content.
        Keep it up man.


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          Very cool Wojo. Actually inspired me tonight, thanks.
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            so true.
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            "An egg yolk is a terrible thing to waste"


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              I'll look foward to reading it when I get home from work. For some reason your website is blocked as "porn" on my work computer LOL.

              I always enjoy reading your article man.


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                Good read... thanks for posting.

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