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Bent BB rows (overhand grip)

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  • Bent BB rows (overhand grip)

    I almost always did my rows underhand Yates style on my "pull" day. Now that I am using a DC style split I feel that type of row uses to much Bicep so I switched over to overhand grip. When doing underhand I kept my elbows in tight and just went wth the natural range of motion, it seems overhand is tougher to figure out. DO you guys flare you elbows out or keep them tucked?? Fully bent or more upright??? Where do you bring the bar to??

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    IMO, you are over thinking this.

    Do what you did with the yates row, just grip overhand.

    I can see what you mean with the flaring of the elbows a bit, but you have to remember when you are rowing with a reverse grip, you are getting a lot of your biceps and brachialis into the movement...

    I.E. You are going to be able to row more with an underhand movement (usually). Thus, you might wanna try reseting your weights and work your way back up with the new grip.

    Just imagine pulling through your belly button using your elbows and not your hands. Bend as far over as you can. The angle of your torso is gonna effect how the row hits your back. If you wanna hit it at the optimal angle, you're gonna wanna be bent to the floor as much as possible.

    ...but again, don't over think it, LOL.

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      I did the underhand row for years...and then i started doing rows overhand and will never go back to underhand....i think its more effective and safer...easy to tear a bicep going underhand if you're going too heavy


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        Doing anything underhand scares the shit out of me lol......i always go double overhand, as im afraid to tear a bicep, they r already a weak point and i woukld hate to make them weaker.

        Except pulldown i will use an unerhand grip on those sometimes


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          Ever since I had surgery to repair a SLAP lesion, going overhand really is uncomfortable for my shoulder, so I go double under hand, focusing on good form and control... Although I do miss going overhand...


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            Go to 7:00, Dorian provides a great example of how to do overhand grip bent rows.
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              ^^^^^ that would burn the shit out of my rear delts, and thats about it, haha.
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                Originally posted by Macho Man View Post
                ^^^^^ that would burn the shit out of my rear delts, and thats about it, haha.
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                  when i do my bb rows like that in the video, it really hits my upper back very well. i feel that one for a couple days after a good way of course!