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PWO Shake For Cardio?

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  • PWO Shake For Cardio?

    I can't workout for a couple weeks because of an injury other than legs every 4 days so i'll be doing some more cardio to stay lean. It will most likely be HIT style so should I use a PWO shake with maltodextrin and dextrose or no? I've seen lots of people have like protein and carbs like an hour after for cardio. Can someone help? Thanks

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    You're right, a lot of people do post w/o shakes with carbs after HIT type cardio. But, most Dc'ers do not do HIT type cardio... as a matter of fact, DC is pretty against it. He has said that he likes people to do 30-45 min on low intensity cardio before breakfast. Personally, I like to eat my normal breakfast after cardio. A lot of folks here take in Protein ONLY(about 30g Whey) PRE-cardio and 0 carbs... then have a normal breakfast post cardio. Hope that helps.
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