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Who uses food scales?

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  • Who uses food scales?

    Does anyone here use food scales to weigh your food, you know, for proper amounts/portions? And if you do, which one? As in, where would you suggest I pick up a good one?
    Thanks ya'll.
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    Munster, Since I work with mail and packages all day I use postal scales, they are not very expensive and very accurate, I use a Micro General Mail Mate that goes up to 5 lbs and yes I weigh everything right now, it was $20.00.

    These can be purchased through WW Grainger or Boise Cascade on line...
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      Thanks IH. Glad you're back.
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        I picked up a small one at a local supermarket. It only goes up to 2 lbs which is ok since I just use to to measure out my portions for each meal. Cost a couple of bucks.
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          All the time but I cook for a living!-Pelouze at William Sonoma-pricey but will last forever
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            Yes, I weigh my food....I bought mines at Target and it goes up to 6.5 lbs. It was only like $15 and it does what it's suppose to. I buy my ground beef in bulk. Come home, weigh and separate them. I'm so glad I bought this thing!


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              I have a digital scale and since getting it a handful of months ago, I will not go back to the other spring loaded ones. I think I paid 30 bucks at Walmart for it.


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                go with the digital, a little more money but much more accurate


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                  yes I do, got mine thru Parillo Perfomance many years ago.
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                    This one looks pretty cool, and small enough to bring everywhere:

                    If this is considered advertising, please just delete the post, but I have nothing to do with the website, I just shop there occasionally.

                    Edit: I didn't notice at first, but it only goes to 120g. Guess that makes it pretty useless for weighing food...
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                      Thanks everyone. I've been looking at a few on Ebay. Looks like you can get real good digital ones for $20-$30 bucks. Readout change from lb/oz, oz, kg/g etc. I appreciate all the input.
                      I'm also going to look at Walmart the next time I'm there.
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