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Help Wanted: Help with some articles I have to write

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  • Help Wanted: Help with some articles I have to write

    I have to write some articles for a major muscle newstand magazine and its pretty basic repetitious busy work i have to write up I thought why not subcontract this out to someone who might want to do this and then Ill go thru everything and make subtle changes of how I want it done. Basically I need to you write up something that Ill tell you where to find it and your basically copying the previous format or adding a twist on things if you want.
    Its kind of like this: "hey see that article over there? write out the first line of every paragraph of that article and ill take care of the rest"--kind of simple but it saves me alot of work.

    What I need:

    a)I need you to know the sport of bodybuilding and its competitors pretty thoroughly so you can ask some questions that pertain to the subject

    b)I need you to have access to the last 6 issues of Muscle mag Intl or various issues over the last year

    c)I need you to try to throw some of your own ingenuity in this and try to come up with a few new things--the more you can make it unique the better it will be

    d)I am pretty much writing this up as a ghostwriter and you would be doing the same for me--so no glory is to be had here--lol

    I need about 4 of these done but honestly they are all going to be pretty similiar and ill need 30 individual sentences or so for each one so you could get me hypothetically 60 sentences or so to work with(some copied, and some you thought up) and ill use 20-30 here, 20-30 there etc etc etc

    The guy who does the best job gets 5lbs of free protein--if he goes the extra mile and really makes it rock--10lbs free protein-(im saying that in case i have more than one guy who wants to do this)

    this really isnt going to be to hardof a job (just if you have some free time--its going to be kind of fun because you can ask some really good questions that you think up)

    If interested just email me at [email protected] or my AOL address (if your a trainee of mine)

    (One of the first guys that hit my head that would be pretty awesome at this would be USmuscle as he seems to fit all criteria above with knowledge of competitors and the sport but I dont know if he would be interested so Ill give anyone that wants to give it a go a chance)
    IG is


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    Dante, I would be happy to do that. However, I do not have access to the last 6 issues of Muscle Mag Intl, that is about the only thing I am really lacking here. Other than that, I would be glad to do it. So are these training and nutrition articles that are just being revised? *sort of like how they do in EVERY muscle mag*, LOL.

    Would be honored


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      I'd do it as well, but alas, I don't have access to the Muscle Mag intl either. But if it can be done without it, I'd be more than happy to do it.


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        I would love to help out and give it a shot, but I too don't own any copies of muscle mag. Does anybody read muscle mag int.?
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