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  • home gym trainees

    Any home gym trainees out there?

    Using DC style training methods?

    if so i would like to hear your input on it

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    Here's my input:
    Unless you have about $5000 to $10,000 to spend on setting up a home gym, it's not going to work.
    My wife and I moved into a house a few months ago and we thought we would be able to get away with DC training at home. We found the best deals we could but found that even with what we had it wasn't quite enough. I had a power cage with pulldown and low row attachment, a hack squat/leg press machine, and a smith machine, and a ton of standard free weights and bars and handles.
    After trying it for a month, we found it was just too frustrating. I could really get into why but I won't. I'm not saying it can't be done, but it didn't work for us. Sold the equipment and got memberships at the gym right down the road with a day care our kids love.
    Hope it helps.
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      It actually works well for me right now, I have a power cage, free weights, a pulley stack, chin and dip station and some dumbells(which I use for stretching) I'm looking to get a smythe machine too, then I will be solid for awhile. It worked well for me for the summer, but I will probably start using the rec center at school once I geet back there. I like working out at home so much though because it is irritating waiting to use stuff, plus there really isnt a gym by my house, and the nearest ones are powerhouses which are sorta expensive(I'm living at home and trying to save up to buy a house ). My only advice is to be careful with the weight. I either have my pins set safely so I can bail if I have to, or I wait till my dad gets home from work to spot me, thats the only downfall of lifting at home for me. Hope this helps


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        Where are you located? I'm selling my smith machine on Ebay if you are interested, but I don't know where you are and what shipping would be.
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          Detroit, MI, shipping would prolly be an arm and a leg, plus I am gonna hold off on buying anything else as I will use my university's gym. I'll have to get one next year though as I am graduating in may Thanks anyways though


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            no offense but home training sucks unless you are a millionaire and can afford to put up a top notch gym,, just like the munster said. You can practically buy a gym membership for the rest of your life for what it would cost to get a couple peices of nice equipment, some dumbbells, a few free weights and a tredmill. This is not to mention all the ass you are going to miss out on seeing at the gym... Jesus son, do I have to spell it out for you (LOL). I have met way more women at the gym than I ever have at a nightclub. That in itself is worth the 30 or 40$$ a month.
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              Shadyniner, your from Detroit too? Hit me up on PM

              (Sorry, Hijacking of this thread is done)


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                My methods involve going to a strength plateau on exercises and at that point switching exercises and getting brutally strong on the next one. Thats continual constant progression and how I get these guys you see on the net gaining so fast. Want to know the perfect way to stop gaining muscle mass quickly? Stay on an exercise for 6 months and get a rep here or there with the same weight etc. If you limit the exercises you can switch too then your limiting the potential for continuous muscle gains over time...Every home gym trainer argues this with me because they feel offended with this but Ive seen it happen time and time again. They start off gaining fast like everyone else and then when everyone else in gyms switches to new exercises that they feel they are plateaud out, the home trainers are trapped in the limited exercises they can do and gains come to a standstill or slow up considerably.

                Let me show you an example of what im talking about here....

                Joe bodybuilder loves flat benching and cant give it up and has been doing it for years and he is pretty much tapped out but alas Joe likes to brag about his bench and just wont give it up--in January he is doing 320 for 12rp. He keeps plugging away all year long sometimes losing a rep, sometimes gaining a rep, sometimes gaining a lil august he is at 335 for 9rp. 15 more lbs and -3 reps in 8 or so months. In December he is at 340 for 10-11rp or 20lbs for the year and down some reps

                Frank bodybuilder who knows when to switch at plateaus and has been doing it consistently takes incline smythe and goes from 250x15rp in january to 335x11rp in april where he feels he is at his limit because 2 times in a row he cant beat the logbook and then immediately switches to hammer flat press. He goes from 225x17rp in april all the way to 335x11rp in august where again he feels he is tapped on that exercise and switches over to flat dumbell presses for 15-30rp. From August to December he goes from 80x27rp to 135x15rp. Guess which guy is continually gaining muscle mass all year long? and guess which guy can come back to all these exercises he plateaued on at a later date and beat his previous highs on them (trust me it happens every time)
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                  I a gree, with the limited exercises thing, but man it is so nice to be able to train with no other jack asses around, no waiting for machines. The girl thing is definitely true though. Especially at my college gym, damn! Training at home, I think, is a nice change of pace. Also, who needs a treadmill, walk outside(until it gets 30 below that is, so i guess you do need a treadmill ) yeah like i said, it was nice coming from school where the gym was packed with people who dont know a dumbell from their ass, but I do miss all the options I have, and the ass!!


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                    i need the gym equipment and atmosphere to get moving, i got a shit load of dusty stuff in my basement i may train a client or 2 on, but never me unless have no choice--looking for more equipment in MA area!!
                    im not hardcore, im not cool, pretending any different would be acting the fool--- ill leave that to those who are good at it

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                      im not using dcs methods of training at the minute,its a program im very interested in but i want to do everything right so i want to take at least another year before i switch to do like dante says and exhuast all other methods of training and ive been training off and on since age 14,back on topic,home gym training works fine for me at the minute,but when im ready for dcs program i plan on using my local gym.