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are forearms a must do

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  • are forearms a must do

    i was just wondering if training forearms was a must even when they are already a really strong bodypart and overpowering my upper arms. i was thinking of not doing them or only 1 exercice every 3rd workout that forearms come up. also is it necessary to do hams before quads i was always under the impretion that doing them 1st would hamper youre quad work. thanks

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    You dont wanna slow down the growth of your best bodypart you want to increase the growth of everything else to match those forearms.

    I'd never cut back on an exercise because they over power something else. Pros may do that cause they've got soo much mass that something over powers the rest because they need symmetry on stage. But when you trying to gain, you wanna gain wherever you can.


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      thanks i definitly understand now why quads are last and as for forearms i will start with 1 straight sets when forearms come along.