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    So, yestarday i weighed a few lbs heavier than normal, my lifts and/or reps go up every time. I figured, ive been blasting for about a little over a month, i might as well make some measurements. my chest/back has gained an inch, arms have gained .25 inch, legs have gained .75 inch, and calves gained some as well. I am also up about 4-5 lbs give or take a few! I have been eating a lottt of protein and carbs and this training method has been treating me well. i knew from the start this program would work! thanks in-human for helping me out with this stuff awhile ago!

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    That's great man. I know that they say different things work for everyone, but I honestly believ this is THE best training program out there and that it will work for every one that follows it to a T. The gains I have made have been incredible as well, wait until you go a few more months into it! So far, my gains have been about an inch on chest, 2 inches on shoulders, 1.25" on upper arms *I really worked extra hard to get these up*, an inch on forearms *that is an incredible gain for me*, an inch and a half on quads and a half inch on calves. Bodyweight is up 40lbs. Keep at it, I'm sure you would gain even more if you hired Dante. He really individualizes programs for people and is always blowing people the hell up!


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      thats graet man! yeah chest/back is a weak area for me, i used to do about 9 sets for chest, but even theni think i was over working it. anyhow, this program is hitting me all over the place, im natural now, i have gear sitting here, thinking about incoporating it this fall. maybe i can get someone to get dante for me as an xmas present


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        Originally posted by skarhead
        maybe i can get someone to get dante for me as an xmas present

        Uhmmm... I don't think Dante swings that way bro! LOL! j/k :kick:



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          LMAO! You know I was gonna say something but decided not to