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  • Deadlifting form

    Hey bros, I've been in the process of moving, while working full time, and haven't had the chance to post on the best bodybuilding forum on the net in a while. And yes, I'm going through withdrawal :grumpy: . Training has been going great as usual and I'm continuing to see constant linear progression (in both my poundages lifted and stretch mark size ). Anyway, since beginning DC training, I've added 100 lbs to my rack deadlift and continue to feel some pleasing soreness in my upper back in the days following performing the lift. However, I just read an article that recommends that the scapula should be retracted and depressed prior to starting the lift, and that this position should be held throughout. I've just been focusing on pulling with an arched/completely flat back while retracting the scapula at the top of the movement. Do any of you guys retract/depress the scapula prior to beginning the pull?

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    stick your arms straight out in front of you with your shoulders relaxed. ok, now pinch your shoulder blades together. what happened?

    i think this will answer this question for you.
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