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Warm Up Sets- any thoughts?

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  • Warm Up Sets- any thoughts?

    As I dive head first into the DC system I find I need to properly address an overlooked (at least by myself and probably others also) yet very important aspect of any type of weight training, Properly executed warm up sets. In the gym I've seen many a trainee perform so called warm ups which more closely
    resemble sloppy out of synch half assed work sets. now someone call me on this
    if I'm wrong but aren't warm ups meant to warm up the joints, tendons, muscles and connective tissues, and allow you to set the proper groove for the movement? and not to burn all your resources before your actual work set and risk injury? I've seen guys in the gym benching (if you want to call it that) pushing the bar off their abb's while making a constipation face. and they call it a warm up LOL. I believe, especially with DC's style that the warm ups leading to the R/P set
    are hugely important, and if done with too much weight and/or intensity will greatly hamper the effectiveness and growth promotion of your true work set.
    Any input guys?

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    I like to do 1 or two warm up sets just to ge the blood flowing in the muscle, and then I do 1 or 2 warmup sets with heavy weight, but nothing like my main set.

    I think this article below from AST has some good points about warming up. I know its for Max-OT, but it still has some good points for people to read.

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      Originally posted by RaulJimenez
      I do 2 warmup sets, people doing heavy weights can and or NEED 4 or more sets to get ready for their rest-pause. The first thing I do is try to get 5-10 minutes on the threadmill and try to get a fast sweat. The idea is to increase body core temperature thus releasing liquid on our body to cushion our joints.

      Then I stretch every bodypart that I plan on working for 5 more minutes slowly and focusing on my first rest-pause.

      Then I approach the warmup which is basically doing the set with low weight to get blood flowing into the muscle, getting a good mind muscle connection and to prepare the body for the onslaught. I try and do my sets with low reps 4-6 and the first warmup is usually very slow , the 2nd warmup goes with a tempo of 1/0/1 which means 1 second down, no pause and then 1 second up explosively.

      After Im done with that , im ready to load the board and begin my RP set.
      ^ Ditto. I tend to do more warm up sets for things like squats and deads for safety reasons and because of my lower back injury. Your warm ups should not be taxing at all, all that energy should be reserved for that work set(s)


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        i do 3 watrmups for first excercise and 1 for all others except legs
        im not hardcore, im not cool, pretending any different would be acting the fool--- ill leave that to those who are good at it

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          When I am warming up I go at a constant rep speed, no slop but not slow negatives either, not to many reps, just enough warm up sets to get me ready for the heavy ass workset...
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            how i warm up varies with what exercise i am doing and when it falls in the workout. if i am doing chest/shoulders/tris the warm up for my chest exercise will be more extensive then for my shoulder and tris exercise. for example 5 warm up sets for the chest exercise and 2-3 for the shoulders and tris exercises.

            for deadlifts and squats i usually do 5-6 warm up sets depending on what exercises i did before them and how many reps i am shooting for in my workset. for an exercise like rack deads typically it would go something like this: 225 for 15, 315 for 10, 405 for 5, 495 for 2, 585 for 1 and if i was planning on doing a work set of 8 reps i would then do it but if i was going to go for a work set with 4 reps i would do one more warm up set with 675 for 1.

            this is not supposed to be a taxing warm up and it isn't but when it comes to my lower back and shoulders i am very paranoid about being thoroughyl warm so i don't rush things
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              I say warm up just enough, not too much and not to little.....
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