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Don't wanna bother Dante.. can you guys help me out.

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  • Don't wanna bother Dante.. can you guys help me out.

    OK so I'm completely new to the DC training type thing. After hours of reading last night I'm convinced that this program works, and I like it because I can work out more frequently then I normally would be able to. But I am having problems picking the 3 exercises for each body part and I'm especially confused as to what are backwidth and back thickness exercises.
    I read Doggcrapp's thread about him being super busy replying to e-mails so I thought you guys could probably answer these questions.
    Thanks in advance.

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    back width refers to pulldown/chin up type exercises back thickness refers to any type of row exercise, deadlifts, and rack deadlifts done from a power cage
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      Just from your question you don't have very much experience under your belt. something I think you really need for this program, but heres a list for ya.


      Incline Smyth press
      Incline dumbbell presses
      Hammer strength machine presses
      Wide grip Incline smyth presses


      Dumbbell presses
      Front Smyth presses
      Hammer Strength shoulder presses


      Skull Crushers
      Reverse grip bench
      Close grip bench

      Back Thickness:

      Barbell rows
      Rack deadlifts
      floor deadlifts
      One-arm dumbbell rows
      t-bar rows

      Back Width:

      Front lat pulldowns
      Hammer strength pulldowns
      rack chins


      Barbell curls
      dumbbell curls
      preacher curls


      Reverse curls
      pin wheel curls
      wrist curls


      Sumo leg presses
      lying leg curls
      seated leg curls
      stiff-legged deadlifts


      Front squats
      barbell squats
      smyth squats
      hack squats
      leg presses


      standing raises
      seated raises
      leg press raises
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        I can't think of anymore right now, my brain is kinda fried.
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          liontamer, Welcome to the board and how long have you been training?...
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            Welcome man!

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                oh yes sorry, welcome bro.
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                    Training seriously for a month now. I took a class in my school (high school) that is all weight lifting, but I didn't take it seriously at all, alot of classes I would just walk on the treadmill at 0.5km/h or just sit on a machine having no intention of using it. But I did learn a great deal in that class I admit, I was just too lazy to use the information. I haven't been training long so yea I will be experimenting with some of the exercises.


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                      Originally posted by liontamer
                      Training seriously for a month now. I

                      U sure u know all exercices and ur technique is ok?

                      Welcome to the forum.
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                        This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about here:

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                          Agree @ Munster
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                            Bumping for Homonunculus. This gentleman doesn't need to be starting DC training after only training for 1 month.
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                              i agree with what some of the other guys have said this is not really a program you want to get into if you have very litte to no experience with training. it does take a while to get the technique on some of these exercises right, in some cases a lot longer then you would think, so i think your first priority should be learning proper technique. if you try to lift progressively heavier weights with bad technique you will injure yourself and that is something you want to avoid as much as possible.

                              also with this program nutrition is very important. if you try to eat three smallish meals a day and do this program you will probably overtrain and not progress much.

                              what i suggest to people with very little experience is to start off with something very basic with no increased intensity techniques such as rest pausing and build from there.

                              for example use the body part split and exercise rotation dante suggests but rather then warming up and then doing a rest pause set warm up and do one higher rep straight set.

                              i will use incline barbell presses for example. lets say the most you can do is 15 reps with 95 pounds. start off with a warm up set of 15 with the bar alone (45lbs), do another warm up set of 10 with 65lbs, do another warm up set with 85lbs for 5 reps. during all the warm up sets CONCENTRATE on your form and dont just go through the motions. really think about what you should be doing. then hit your set of 15 or so to failure while still concentrating on form and then stretch. this will help you learn proper technique.

                              also with the stretching when dante says "take the 90lbs dumbbells" for the chest stretch he is talking to very strong experienced people, not you. start light and work your way up with the weighted stretches. a lot of inexperienced, and sadly experienced, people try to lift to satisfy their egos with very low reps and terrible technique. if you do this expect to have injured knees, shoulders, and lower back that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

                              give yourself a few more months to learn proper technique and the basics of a good diet and then you can push things to the next level safely and effectively.
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