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  • First month progress

    Well, I didn't beat many of you but...

    First month of training with DC I gained 5 lbs and kept my waist at the same size. I'm a natty so I'm pretty happy with that. Which brings me to a whopping (lol) 205 at 5'9". The thing that has surprised me the most is how much more I'm lifting. I love killing that log book.

    I'm shooting for 8lbs this month. :2guns:

    Time to eat!

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    I think 5lbs in a month is a huge gain, especially since your waist is the same size.
    Good luck and keep going


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      Great job Chase............good inspiration for the rest of us like you


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        Chasedog, 5 lbs is nothing to sneeze at bro. Keep it up!! Besides that, 205 at 5'9" is pretty good.
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          Chasedog, great job, how many guys do you see in the gym gain 5-8 lbs a year, and you did it in a month without BF change, awesome...
          "That damn log book"

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            Fantastic job!


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              Thanks everyone.

              IH and RJ you're right, as usual. I see plenty of guys who would kill for 5lbs. Hell, I used to be one of them. I'd get to 185 and stay there for months and months. Eventually, I'd get frustrated and quit for a couple of years. Not anymore!


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                Like they said bro, 5 lbs is fuckin awesome! And like you said, strength gains are going up... keep up the hard work and you'll be 250 before you know it!


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                  5lbs this month, 5lbs next month and then we fight for 2-3lbs a month after that, guess what? You wake up one year later weighing 30-40lbs more.
                  IG is



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                    nice work chasedog. just think of all the people preaching how its only possible to gain 3-5 lbs of muscle per YEAR... bwahahaha....thats what i learn at school anyways.


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