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  • Don't you hear this enough????

    I am obviously no exception, because on any given can find somebody posting about their great gains on this program.

    However, I have to say how pleased I am with my results thus far. I started this just a couple of months ago...during pct. I kept most of my gains, and then I just took it easy before starting a new blast. I am in week 5 of my blast, and I look better than ever before. I am holding more muscle than ever, and dropping fat!

    I have read many of the threads about DC training on the various boards, and I have gotten help from the fine folks here. IH has been instumental in straightening out my workouts. If I can do this without the diet....lookout! When I get to a point where I can go all out on the diet as well, I will be emailing Dante....then it should really be sweet.

    Currently, I am 5'9" 230ish (haven't weighed in a couple of weaks, but was 228 then) @ 13% bf. 5 weeks ago, I was 218 @14.5%.

    So this is a big THANK YOU to DC, IH, and all of the folks here at IM who help others so freely.

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    You are welcome Swell, and DC loves to hear this too.

    Oh one thing, my bill is in the mail to you know...
    "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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      I FINALLY have only 10lbs left of today to get to 200lbs, and im not on juice which is great for me, although ive only juiced once and im gaining better right now than on juice, anyway next blast im gonna hit the big (for me) 00, 200 baby, ive got a little over a week left of the blast so hopefully ill be around 193 and drop down to 188 during the cruise


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        Great job man! Keep up the good work... when you get ready don't hesitate to contact DC or IH... you won't be disappointed.


        The big 200 will feel great man... I know I felt great when I hit it!! Being 5'5" and weighing over 200 now gets a lot of the other "bigger" (read that as taller) guys PISSED!! I just tell them I train like Doggcrap... they just look at me funny and walk away...



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          I forgot the most important part....I have horrible joint problems. Years of overtraining and treating my body like I could get a replacement have taken quite a toll. I have tendonitis about everywhere you can have it.

          Since using DC's training, I have not had the first flare up of tendonitis...not in a single joint! My joints feel as good as ever before, and I am training harder than ever before. Since I am not overtraining...I don't have any problems. This has been better than surgery (I've tried it too).