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Smith Machine - Need Input

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  • Smith Machine - Need Input

    How many of you use a smith machine that moves straight up and down, as opposed to the one that runs at a slight angle?

    Which is better? I just left my old gym which had an Atlantis that went straight up and down, now this new gym has an Atlantis that moves on a slight angle and I am having a tough time getting used to it for shoulder presses.

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    i much prefer the straight up and down one, but i use the angled one for reverse grip bench (and only that). as far as which is better depends on your natural rom.

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      I have the angle coming toward me storm and it just scrapes my chin at the bottom
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        Originally posted by Doggcrapp
        I have the angle coming toward me storm and it just scrapes my chin at the bottom
        It was the behind the neck presses I was having a bit of frustration with. Because when the bar comes down it is moving closer to the back of my neck, it is sorta hard to get the heavy weight started when it is at the top and you are unracking it because you have to reach further back. Am I making any sense here?

        I believe this is the way the machine is supposed to be used. Facing into the machine so that when the bar comes down it is further from you then at the top of the movement?


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          Storm, When I use the Smythe striaght one I always face the way its easiest to unlock the bar, I adjust accordingly.

          I have used the angled Smythe and I am doing Behind the Necks I have the bar going away from the back of my head but I sit so when the bar is at the bottom it is exactly at the top of my ear...
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            We used to be at a gym with the straight up and down smith, and liked it better. Now we are at a new gym and all they have is the angled one.

            It hasn't taken to much to get used to it but in doing seated militaries, we angle the adjustable bench so it's at the same angle as the plane of movement of the bar. This is for militaries to the front however. For behind the necks, the adjustable bench has too high of a back. I'm not sure how we'll adjust to that when behind the necks get rotated in down the road.

            Any, an adjustable bench is what made it ok to work with for us.
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