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I hate you DC...

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  • I hate you DC...

    Fuck man, today was brutal. And its all your fault Dante.

    Let me explain. If you hadn't designed this style of training then I wouldnt be sitting here in pain.

    So lets go back just 20-30 mins. I was in the gym, biceps and legs. Having completely trashed my biceps, forearms, calves and hams it came down to quads. My legs almost gave in on stiff legged deads, the last rep my legs were shaking worse than jelly.

    I decided i was gonna use an air pressure leg press, it the same as using a vertical leg press only its seated horizontally, meaning plate infront of you. So since ive never used this thing before im trying to calculate weight. Seems i undercalculate the first set and get 11 reps instead of 8. Fucked up there. For my 20 rep set i wasnt gonna go light. I just dropped the weight by 50-60lbs and was on my way. Well theres no point in going into detail about the set, you know how it is mass amounts of pain, dying to just get it done. Its the aftermath of the set that is really bad. I finish the set, and decide to try stand up so i can do my quad stretch. I COULDNT STAND. I'm not even joking, i couldnt stand up. There was sooo much blood in my legs, they had been taxed to that point. Its at that time i realised i was in complete agony, even my head hurt. I was gasping for air.

    I had to walk down a fucking flight of stairs. STAIRS man. Just to get downstairs and out the gym. I was holding onto the rail for dear life. I did not want to fall. Walking home was a fucking task. I looked like a bloody penguin.

    So in conclusion, Dante this is your fault. I hate you. If it wasnt for all this, i would never have pushed myself this hard.

    p.s i dont hate you.

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    Asim, if it makes you feel any better I had a leg workout recently where I couldn't even walk to the toilets to puke.. had to stagger/limp/wobble into the gym office and use their bin! Lucky for me i've been going there for about 4 years and they guys were just laughing at me..well, after I cleaned their bin out

    You have to wonder at the mentality of men and women who push themselves into these intensely demanding and painful workouts week after week... are we all mad or just driven...

    Food for thought.. hmmm, food! Must eat.



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      Originally posted by asim
      I looked like a bloody penguin.

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now thats funny.

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        So you didn't stretch?????? Dante may not be happy!!! LOL


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          Originally posted by RonD
          So you didn't stretch?????? Dante may not be happy!!! LOL
          Oh i did the stretch but only got 30 seconds. I wish i had blacked out and fallen on the floor. It would be better than having felt all that pain.

          Matt lol makes me feel slightly better. I like to hear about other peoples misery too. Yea one point, people must think we are insane to do this day in day out. Its mad torcher. But the benefits of this will be great.


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            I did the same workout today but I am doing Hack Squats! My legs are gaining size rapidly! I am cruising starting next week. I hate to b/c my weights are still climbing but I need the break for my joints...they will love me! I hate the thought of doing stright sets now..One straight set per bodypart. Seems like so little do do. Do we do the same amount of warmups and just one set?

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              i always bring the garbage can over next to the leg press cause i lose it quite often after the 20 repper
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