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  • Ankle Injury

    just started DC training, have completed the first cycle after the initial 6 workouts and kicked the logbooks arse all the way. But yesterday I managed to go down a flight of stairs and sprain my left ankle . My physiotherapist reckons only minor soft tissue damage but no legs or load baring for about 2 weeks. This means no squats etc, no deads or BB Rows. However, I can still train upper body and do pulldown movements for back, and things like supported T Bar rows, seated biceps etc. I could do leg extensions, and possible hamstring curls as well but that's it, and definitely no calf work on the left leg.
    And of course I can still sit on my sorry ass and eat.
    So -
    What are people's thoughts on frequency of upper body training while unable to do lower body, and also whether its worthwhile doing things like leg extensions and maybe single leg calf raises until the left leg heals up?

    I was just starting to get into it too!

    Would appreciate your valuable input.

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    I'd do whatever you can,your body will tell you what's up..... ya just gotta listen!
    The older I get the lighter the weights used to be...........


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      Continue to train in the same way just remove the exercises that are going to mess with your ankle.

      I screwed up my knee and wasnt able to do any leg work for 5-6 weeks.
      Just continued with my upper body and did what i could.

      Dont do anything to aggrevate the ankle. Just let it heal as quick as possible. Then get back to training.


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        Depending on the grade of ankle sprain- if Grade 1 or 2, a microtearing of the lateral ligaments. I would assume it is an inversion sprain (pain on the lateral malleoli), very common.

        I'd stick with open chain exercises with legs to keep your strength up. (Leg Exts, Hamstring curls etc) Stay away from weight bearing (squats, hack squats).

        Best rehab is to R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation 2-3x for 15-20 minutes bro. While you have it elevated perform some Range of Motion exercises- such as drawing the alphabet with your toes in the air. It takes a good bit of work to do this!

        Get an ACE wrap- wrap an figure 8 around ankle, wear it throughout the day.... To minimize the swelling/edema, if it has been more than 1 week, Try doing a contrast bath. get two buckets of hot water and ice cold water. Dip your foot in cold water for 2-3 minutes then 1 minute of hot water- alternate for 10-15 minutes. Does wonders to keep the swelling down and speed recovery.


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          Thanks guys:
          Its a grade 1 sprain, no ligament damage, only soft tissue. Have had ice and heat, using some anti inflammatory gel and a tube compression bandage. have been doing the elevation and alphabet mobility exercises, as well as just standing and trying to evenly distribute weight between the two legs so the ankle and leg get an equal load share. Its a ton better in 3 days but i've taken this week off all training (not eating though!) and will start again next week. I'm going to try leg extensions and lying ham curls next week, with the following week some light leg presses for 50 reps and perhaps some more leg extensions (as its the week where legs get hit twice). Will be strapping the ankle with surgical tape and getting my trainer (who's also my physio) so do that for me to ensure its done right.
          Thanks again for all your help guys, much appreciated!


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            Sounds good! Next time walk down the stairs bro. Life is easier that-a-way. :chair:


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              Yeah thanks MikeyG, good advice! If I hadn't been carrying my baby girl I probably would have kung fu rolled or some cool shi* like that, but them's the breaks! thankfully not literally