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Recovering from injury

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  • Recovering from injury

    Hi I had a shoulder injury and thank god its healing... anyway what I d like to know is your approach to training when you hit back the gym. This is what I am planning.

    Weeks 1 - 2: Volume training low intensinity (low weight)

    Pre exhauts the muscle training with an isolation exercise in the 12-15 reps (low weight)
    One Compound movement doing 8 sets by 8 reps.

    Weeks 3: Increase the weights gradually, lower volume, up intensity

    Week 4 : Same

    Week 5 : Start DC Training


    What do you think ?

    Hope to get some feedback guys. Thanks!

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    sounds ok to me. i've got a herniated disc and i just kinda worked around it until the pain subsided enough from physical therapt that i could get back into. now i deadlift with the best of em. just take it easy on the shoulder
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      plan is sound -- lay it by ear: listen to your body, it will tell how far and how fast you can progress.

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