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Are preacher curls a good choice?

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  • Are preacher curls a good choice?

    so far for biceps i have barbell curls, and dumbell curls whats a good third choice? I did preacher curls today and noticed i couldnt lift as much weight...

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    i like em okay but be careful. they are really rough on the tendons on the inside of your elbow
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      i have straight bar curls, wide grip ez bar curls and close grip ez bar curls. i really like the wide grip!


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        I use a Machine preacher curl. Basically the same as a regular preacher just that its hooked to a weight stack. It works great for me as the tension is on the whole time.



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          dont worry about starting off with less weight - as long as you can consistently make gains in that lift, its fine. i'm doing a machine preacher right now as one of my exercises.

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            I prefer the hammer preacher machine. Barbell or ez bar preacher curls kill my ineer elbows!

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