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  • The Workout Music Thread

    OK guys just thought I'd ask what some of your favorite groups/songs are to workout/pump up to! I've got a good many workout music CDs but damnit I need some new stuff. I thought this would be helpful to others too. If you don't listen to some good pump up music before you lift, I HIGHLY recommend it. Anyways, here are some of my own recommendations...

    Disturbed - basically anything by them
    Drowning Pool - Bodies *of course*
    Seether - Gasoline
    *some* Incubus - A certain shade of green, Vitamin, Pistola, etc
    System Of A Down - Most of their stuff
    Trapt - Hollow Man, Headstrong, etc etc
    Taproot - Poem, some others...
    Damnit, I can't remember the rest...

    Ok I don't listen to a whole lot of rap but I do listen to a little because it can be some good pump up music...

    Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys - ANYTHING off the Kings of Crunk album.
    Yung Wun ft. DMX - Tear it Up *this one seriously gets me amped*
    Ludacris - Anything
    Petey Pablo - Basically anything
    BIG, 50 Cent, PDiddy, Busta Rhymes - Victory *one of my favorites*

    Uhm...damn, that's about it for me...

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    I like everything you listed but you forgot one band.


    St. Anger especially. All their stuff is good, but St. Anger is a total rage vent. Good stuff.
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      The Ultimate Fighting Championship website has a new cd or dvd called, "The Ultimate Beatdowns" coming out and the soundtrack is this:

      The Ultimate Beatdowns track listing:
      "Warzone," Slayer
      "Blunt Force Trauma," Damage Plan
      "Live for This," Hatebreed
      "Bullet the Blue Sky," Sepultura
      "Indifferent to Suffering," Chimaira
      "Born to Crush You," Icepick (featuring Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)
      "The Mob Goes Wild," Clutch
      "Cowards," American Head Charge
      "Breathe Life," Killswitch Engage
      "It's Alright," U.P.O.
      "Face the Pain," Stemm
      "Dying Here," Scars of Life
      "Lost Cause," Black Flood Diesel
      "Power of I and I," Shadows Fall

      gotta check it out
      ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
      Good luck




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        My big 3 are Metallica, Disturbed, and Godsmack...sure to get you pumped. Close runner ups are White Zombie/Rob Zombie, old Sepultura, Pantera, Black Label Society, Fear Factory, and Damage Plan. I've got plenty more, but those are right off the top of my head.


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          flaw-medicate and you've changed
          audislave-set it off
          drowning pool- step up
          static-x(love this band)-bled for days,push it,loser,destroy all,control it,monster
          corrosion of conformity-clean my wounds
          mudvayne- dig
          cypress hill-shoot em up
          primer 55- lessons(good one)
          lo pro- fuel, one day
          the union underground-drivel, turn me on mr deadman
          probot- big sky(kind of a creepy sounding song that gets you goin)
          from zero- smack, check ya, suffering
          quarashi- stick em up
          anthrax-crush(this song is awesome, if the beat to this won't get you pumped then nothing will)
          coal chamber-tragedy
          boy sets fire- eviction article
          all i can think of right now. if anyone likes a specific genre other than what i've got up just ask and i'll see what i can come up with. music is what i do. personally i like to listen to heavy music on the way to the gym but when i'm lifting i like to go a little more mellow. i didn't post any of these cause i figured no one would be interested but if you are just ask. i got some good ones
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            kmfdm and loud d'n'b.
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              Rob Zombie - Demond Speeding
              Rob Zombie - Iron Head

              anything from the Crusty Demons of Dirt MX videos


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                  Mudvayne - dig... my all time favorite for big lifts.

                  slipknot - wait and bleed
                  system of a down - most everything
                  rob zombie - super beast, dragula, living dead girl
                  linkin park - all of it
                  nonpoint - truth
                  disturbed - i love ALL disturbed
                  shinedown - fly from the inside
                  limp bizkit - break stuff, and some others
                  james taylor - carolina on my mind

                  haha kidding about the last one, not a bad song though.

                  all I can think of right now, the truth is though I listen to so much music when i have to think of specific songs I can't do it. I have like 4000 mp3's... i hate trying to decide what to listen too.


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                    Originally posted by wildman536
                    i have got to agree with you on this one. slipknot has taken it to new levels with there latest cd.

                    some other stuff on the cd changer:
                    kill switch ingage
                    hate breed
                    misfits, samhain, danzig (i just started listening to some of glenn's work again, damn i was listening to the misfits when i was 6 grade, fiend club for life.)
                    tool (absolute favorite)
                    flogging molly
                    black flag, rollins band (another one from years back)
                    stone sour

                    i could go on and on, but these are the ones i have been listening too lately. i am a true metal head at heart, though i hide it well. i like any music where the guy singing is very unhappy with his family and/or life, lol. is there anything better than teen angst...




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                      The cranberries are great. Ace of Bass always gets me going. Anything Bolton is what I call music. Newer stuff like Jessica Simpson is great. Got to love Mandy Moore too. Who doesn't love Celeine Dion?

                      As far as country goes, dont get me started. Kenny Chesney, Brooks and Dunn and Toby are my favorite male singers. Females, Shania Twain and Julie Roberts are the way to go. Can't forget the oldies like Kenny Rogers or Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline.
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                        i like to listen to a bit bruce springsteen,if not i like hardcore/gabba not the rotterdamn stuff though,stuff from newcastle and new york mainly


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                          Leftover Crack - anything
                          Choking Victim - anything
                          Lil Flip - most anything
                          Bonecrusher - I ain't ever scared, and Outside The Club
                          Lil John and Young Gunz - Damn
                          Union Underground - Turn Me On Mr. Deadman, and SOuth Texas Deathride
                          Pantera - Walk
                          Misfits - Last Caress and Hybrid Moments
                          Casualties - Fuck You All
                          Muse - Muscle Museum, and Newborn

                          Most of these songs get me so physched I get goosebumps when waiting inbetween sets. That usually makes for a pretty damn good workset on my part.
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                            Metallica, Black album, Master of Puppets, & Garage Inc.
                            Megadeth, Countdown to Extinction
                            Rammstein, Sehnsucht
                            Satriani, Surfing w.the Alien
                            Johnson, Ah Via Musicom
                            Robb Zombie, Hellbilly
                            Old Scorpions
                            Judas Priest, Hell Bent 4 Leather
                            Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo
                            Kiss, Alive
                            Ozzy, Blizzard
                            Paul Gilbert w.Racer X
                            Motley Crue, Dr Feelgood
                            Who can get by without Richard Simmons "Sweatin to the Oldies' soundtrack (besides me)
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                              I like all the usual heavy stuff. There are a few stand out songs that I listen to very often.

                              Hatebreed: "I Will Be Heard"

                              Misfits: "Last Caress" Fiend Club for life, TPC!

                              Sepultura: " Inner Self"

                              Manowar: "Heart of Steel" (Yeah, I like Manowar. Cheesy or not I love that sword and sorcery shit)

                              Atreyu: "Lip Gloss and Black"

                              This is probably my favorite workout song at the moment. Forget about the title, I dont know what the hell that means either. Atreyu is a strange band. People call them emocore. They are heavy with melodic moments. Check out the lyrics and then check out the band if you're into this kinda stuff.

                              If I gave you pretty enough words,
                              could you paint a picture of us that works?
                              An emphasis on function, rather than design.
                              Aren't you tired cause I would carry you, on broken back and blown out knees, I have been where you are for awhile ...
                              Aren't you tired of being weak?
                              Such rage that you could scream, all the stars right out of the sky?
                              And, destroy the prettiest starry night, every evening that I die.
                              I am exhumed, just a little less human, and a lot more bitter and cold.
                              I am exhumed, just a little less human, and a lot more bitter and cold.
                              I am exhumed, just a little less human, and a lot more bitter and cold.
                              I am exhumed, just a little less human, and so much more.
                              After all these images of pain,
                              have cut right through you,
                              I will kiss every scar,
                              I'm with you, you're not alone ...
                              Then I'll show you that place, in my chest where my heart, still tries to beat, it still tries to beat.
                              Aren't you tired of being weak?
                              Such rage that you could scream, all the stars right out of the sky?
                              And, destroy the prettiest starry night, every evening that I die.




                              This song means a lot to me. I've been training basically my whole life except for a three year lay off due to all kinds of fucked up shit. That line "Aren't you tired of being weak?" really hits home with me. God, was I. And returning to the iron is like being exhumed, living again. Just a little less human thanks to DC. And a hell of a lot more bitter thanks to "Her". Nuff said.
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