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my dog died last night

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  • my dog died last night

    after reading the post on FH dog,and realising we have a bunch of dog lovers in here,i hope you dont mind me bitching bout my dog.

    last night i got back home to my parents house at 1 am after flying home from palma nova,to find my elsest spaniel is ver sick,
    we took him on the field for a walk and he wouldnt come back in,instead he lay on the field,

    he looked very sick since the last time i saw him,his face was thin,and his stomach was really swollen,we carried him back into the the house where he lay down and he was groaning and started to bleed from his arse,after this he pulled round a bit and seemed ok,so i went to bed and left my dad with him,30 minutes later he was dead,

    me,my dad,my sister and my aunty brenda took him to my auntys alotment to bury him,i said my goodbys to my dog and hugged him while my dad dug the hole,he was wrapped in a blanket and when me and my sister lowed him into the hole and my dad started to cover him with soil,i swear it was the most painfull experience of my life and im not ashamed to say i cried like a bitch.

    anyone who doesent love dogs probably cant understand,but it is just the same toi me as losing a family member,i love my dogs to pieces and seeing him being buried knowing ill never see my friend again hurt like hell

    ok rant over,i needed to get tit off my chest,
    thank you

    my friend,pip,on christmas day 2003

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    Sorry to read that. If anything that is close to you dies it hurts, so I can understand how you might feel.
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      sorry to hear about it bro..
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        sorry for your loss. lossing a dog is a hard thing to do.
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          From one dog lover to the next I can certainly sympathise. Sorry to hear about your loss.

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            Bro, I KNOW the feeling all too well. I had a black pug that I lost in June. He was having siezures a couple times a day, and had difficulty walking without falling over. The vet's couldn't find anything definite so sent us to a specialist a day later and they were doing a spinal tap on my puppy to see if it was "pug enciphilitus" a genetic....yet fatal....disease. When they tried to draw spinal fluid there was none there, a sign that it was the enciphilitus and in advanced stages. We made the decision then to let him be put to sleep and end the suffering. He turned 1year old on June 4th, we let him go on June 9th. I still wake up some nights in tears thinking about him. So yes, I know the pain too.
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              thanks for the support guys,means a lot,
              KidRok,sorry to hear your story to bro,i still have another 2 dogs and when they go i dont think ill have any more,i love them to bits but its to painfull when they go,
              my parents say he had been ill of and on all week while i was on holiday,they said earlier he was playing with the baby and following her around for some of her choclate,my dad says at least he waited for me to get home before he died,he will be missed greatley
              thank you guys


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                We (me and TheLil'Missus) are really really sorry for your loss. We know the feeling. It sucks. You obviously loved your dog alot and that says alot about you.
                Keep your chin up.
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                  thank you very much bro


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                    sorry for your loss, i understand how important dogs can be to someone. they are truely a great gift when they are with us.


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                      Sorry for your loss Bro
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                        sorry to hear that. i lost my dog about a year ago and it was really hard. i still miss her sometimes. there's no better friend than a dog.
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                          I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I know how it feels. My dog of 13 yrs died after I moved out of the house & it was hard to take. It's amazing how animals have such character & can steal your heart without you even realizing it.
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                            I can certainly understand! i won't go into the details about my Dobe's death, but $7k worth of vet bills and tests, and we had him for 2 years of health problems. The dog slept in the bed with me all through college, and only moved to the floor when I got married.
                            He has a 22"x14" marble headstone and a 20"x12" bronze plaque marking his grave in a small field that we own.

                            So yes, I understand completely! I am deeply saddened to hear of your loss!


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                              I am very sorry for your loss.......

                              I lost one of my dogs 10 months ago and I still miss her every single day .I am sad for you condolences ......I know your pain all too well......