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For those that have tried the new TP flavors...

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  • For those that have tried the new TP flavors...

    ...which ones do you recommend??? I have only tried chocolate so far, but am looking for something a little different. Next time around though I may go the versatility route and go with flavorless. By the way, I know that the chocolate WPC mixes well, but what about the flavorless WPC?? If I mixed it with say...Crystal Lite, would I still be able to taste it?

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    I ordered every single one yesterday when I get them I will let you know...
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      i have unflavored right now and i like it. mixes extremely well and is pretty flavorless. i've been making smoothies with protein, mixed berry juice and berries.... its so good..mmm....

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        I have tried Plain, Chocolate, Vanilla, Wildberry, Tropical, Orange, Lemonade

        I find that Trueproteins whey is a bit sweeter than other brands and I like it. It feels more like a snack to me and that's a good thing.

        Chocolate - Awesome

        Wailberry - I mix some of this up a little too string. That flavouring goes a long way I can tell you that much. Taste like candy, who likes candy here?

        Tropical - Very good, reminds me of Tang

        Orange - I had a tough time doseing this one. It's not as strong as some of the other flavours **cough wildberry cough* so I mixed it too weak. I'll try it again with todays shakes

        Lemonade - I forget how this one was, I'll try it again tonight

        Vanilla - Good shit!

        I ordered 60lbs of Whey:
        -30lbs Chocolate
        -30lbs Plain

        I also picked up some flavour samples to see what kind I liked. Word of caution, if you get some flavour samples a little goes a long way!!!!!!
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          I have tried a bunch. But I had them mix it and I used the teamskip mix. My favorites were wild berry, banana, and tropical punch. I did not like orange or chocolate as much. I have never had any bad though.

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