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  • Lipostabil

    Curious of who has used it on this board and what were their opinions after?
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    Originally posted by Doggcrapp
    Curious of who has used it on this board and what were their opinions after?
    I know 2 people that personally used it for 8 weeks and got nothing NADA but pain and swelling. Really uncomfortable to use and live life with pain in the love handles all the time they noted.
    They used the pharm grade stuff too-from which company/country I can't recall.
    Consensus was it wasn't worth it.
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      In case anyone is wondering what it is, here an article on it.

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        DC, Do you remember Harvey Balboner from A's board, back in Febuary he was using Lipo and I was talking to him almost daily to see what was happening and he was losing fat in spot injected places of course but the swelling was very tough on him, he went for 6 weeks then gave up due to swelling and scaring issues...
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          Hey go my way and just get it sucked out by the plastic surgeon,,,, LOL...
          I do not condone the use of anabolic steroids or any illegal drug, any information discussed is for educational purposes only.

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            I havent heard anything but bad stuff about lipostabil.

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