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  • question about progression

    ive noticed over the last month in the mirror i hav meade some slight changes...
    especially over the last week i started DC training.. however the tape measure hasnt really changed. Im wondering wether im doing shitty or jus being impatient?

    How long does it usually take to see changes with the tape measure? Weeks? months?

    I understand that strength and size are related, say i wanted to put an inch on my chest how much of a strength gain would i need to achieve this, rougthly?

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    Hard to say exactly, I have always found my strength gains come first then I put on size after I get a tad stronger. Also, I would suggest taking pics every couple of weeks or so to really keep tabs on what you are doing it is the best way to tell if you are gaining fat, muscle, a little of both or losing fat.On a final note, a month is way to soon to really tell anything, be patient, it does not happen overnight.
    I do not condone the use of anabolic steroids or any illegal drug, any information discussed is for educational purposes only.

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      I agree with bigp, size gains seem to lag a little behind strength gains.


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        James, Your body has to adjust to this brutal program, not only the food but this intense training routine, we all will react different to it but Big P is correct you will most likely see strength gains before you see size gains, but don't worry it will happen, I have not heard of it not happening even once...
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