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I want to start DC training...but a problem(back related)

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  • I want to start DC training...but a problem(back related)

    I've been lurking around here for awhile and posting a little bit..trying to learn as much as I can about the program and trying out some of the favorite exercises in my own training(reverse grip bench, pinwheel curls, etc) CFP many times and I know ballz2dawallz in person so we would be workout partners...

    I herniated L4 around 6-7 months ago and squatting was out of the question.....and maybe still is, I haven't tried and to be honest anytime I have done leg exercises I have been in tons of sciatic pain... I feel like a biceps boy as it's really hard for me to get a pain free(I like the good pain ) leg workout...

    I know a lot of you guys have back problems(some way more serious than mine) and manage to do leg training just fine....I am able to do rack deads pain free so those won't be a problem...

    Any suggestions as to what I can do? Really anxious to get started

    Thanks a lot everyone has been a big help when I am trying to figure something out.
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    This is a simple question but what does you doctor say? He's the first one to ask. It's not wise to recommend exercises to you, then you get hurt and the doctor gets pissed again, starting the whole damn cycle again!

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      Just work around it that is what I have had to do. I have the opposite problem, I can do squats no problem but deads seem to be out of the question anymore.
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        InTraining, BigP and myself have had some serious back problems and he is correct, you must find what will work for you without the pain in your back.

        The main thing is you must be able to concentrate on exercising without having to worry about back problems.

        I had to drop Squats completely from my routine as of recently just could not take the pain anymore, but I do the Leg Sled, Hacks and Seated Leg Press but I am very careful not to round my ass on the negative portions.

        I fractured my 2nd Lumbar many years ago, and right now my back hurts just sitting here typing, so you have good days and bad ones...
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          I have damaged my back twice, once when I was 13, was in the hospital for a week, hurt it after falling off a high wall during a fun obstical course, and landed on my neck/head, and instant pain in my lower back, I can still remember the shooting pain . and then 3 years ago doing sloppy form deadlifts, I was on pain killers for 3 months and couldn't sit in a chair for more then 20min, but after careful training and proper stretching I learned a lot from those injuries, and I now protect my back as much as possible, while strenghtening it as much as possible.

          My problem is squats, I can do 4-8 heavy reps, but those 20 rep squats just make my back really tight, yet on floor and rack deadlifts I can do a shitload of reps and weight.

          Somethings will irritate it, and some won't. As for the doctor comment, I totally agree, go see him, best advise I ever seen someone say on here, nice one rowtogrow.
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            I also think In-Human and Silverback are a few good people to talk to about this as well.

            Just wave a 24oz steak in the air and their sure to show up in this thread. :dcchomp:
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              you may have to drop squats completely for a while or even permanently depending on how things go. sometimes when my back is acting up bad i just have to work around it and only use exercises where my back is supported. i really dont like doing this but its better than really screwing yourself up.

              for leg exercises try doing leg presses with a belt on, a pad beneath your lower back, and your feet placed a bit lower on the foot plate. this should help minimize the back pain. if you can't even do this without pain your only alternative might be to do some lunges. i dont much like lunges but they are a lot better than nothing
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