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Alternating curls....

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  • Alternating curls....

    When I'm doing any type of alternating dumbell curl I'm going to failure on each set to RP out to say about 15.

    Now the problem is, my right is the first one I lift, then I go left. Now my right gives I attempt my left? And say I attempt my left and get it up, do I try another with my left, and again until failure?
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    I always stop when one or the other fails, but that's usually about the same time

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      You need to push to get the same amount on both arms, just push through it, it will happen, I usually start with my strong arm first, and I go higher rep like 15-20 but that is just me...
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        I start with my lead hand (the right) and my left is usually the one that gives out first. I stop the reps when that happens. I assume it could happen that one arm is 3-4 reps stronger, but that's not the case with me.

        I would generally think you be developing quite an imbalance if you kept going with your stronger arm, exacerbating the problem over time.

        I'm no expert, though.



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          I always try for the same # on both side and I also go with higher reps for biceps like in-human said. 15-20rp
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            IH, what do you curl? Other than grocery bags... (joining the bandwagon )