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Some pics finished 1st blast

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  • Some pics finished 1st blast

    Finished 7 week blast, 1st time, very pleased started at 237ish now 246lbs, you can see from pics i have LOTS of cutting to do which starts Aug2nd ideally with show in mid nov. My avatar is me last time i cut down to 186, but really should have been about 198, this time i am hoping to come in 210 range, but will see, i really want to get pealed this time. DC style training really helped me get over my sticking points, i did my own diet based on what i was able to read online, maybe after nov, i will contact the man himself. So cursing starting today, week 1 is NO GYM which i hard for me but talking vacation with family, week 2 will train, then cutting start. He are the FAT ASS pics..

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    Solid foundation to work from and hope it goes well. Any posing or presentation questions when time comes, just ask.


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      Very nice job.....looks like you added some mass and you'll look excellent once you shed some of the fat.

      Keep up the great work!


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        Nice improvements dude, good luck!