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Discovered tasty pre-workout meal

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  • Discovered tasty pre-workout meal

    as all that follow dante's training are aware you end up eating almost constantly and training with ungodly intensity. theses two things dont tend to mix too well when done too close together. if any of you have ever tried to squat a brutal 20 repper an hour or two after eating a couple chicken breasts you will know what i mean. you may in fact spray your fellow gym members with projectile chicken based vomit and this isnt a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

    the solution most people go with is to drink a shake before hand and this i find works best. personally im much more inclined to eat something if it tastes good so im always looking for simple and tasty recipes for meals and shakes. here is a shake i tried today that tasted awesome. came out almost the consistency of soft ice cream and i ate it with a spoon.

    1 cup low fat cottage cheese
    1 single serving cup of low fat strawberry yogurt
    1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (30g)
    1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries

    i tossed it all in the blender and blended until smooth. it felt like i was cheating it tasted so good and it had 60g of protein! you guys have any favorites?
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    Damn man, that sounds tasty. I've done the whole protein powder/cottage cheese thing before. Definitely a nice, slow digesting meal. I threw in a little oatmeal, too. Good suggestion.