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  • USMuscle9403
    LOL, I already knew that rtg was a smart guy and doing well but I didn't know that YOU were training him. That's great for him, he's a good guy.

    rowtogrow,'s kinda boring around here in Hilton Head, LOL. All me and ex do is sleep and 'have fun'. Well, I've only been doing the have fun part and she gets tired really quick so I'm still on here all the damn time. We haven't even seen the beach yet, LOL.

    Dante, I started my blast again and I am at 220 right now. I was at exactly 230 when the damn spider bit me. Trust me bro, I've got me a 250 shot with the red button ready and I am going to be pressing it constantly to get this damn weight up over 240 by the next cruise. And oh yea...sorry about this but...*hides OhMyFuckingGodBack's secret drink* you can't have any...

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  • Doggcrapp
    started a topic Rowtogrow


    Whats gotten into this guy? I started training him months back and he started out of the gates kind of slow and now the guy is a rabid rhino! Its like he hit the nitrous oxide switch or computer rumbles with thunder every time i get his workout logs in my emails because he is making huge jumps.

    (Maybe Silverback has been passing around his drinking water to everyone and I dont know--give me some of that to drink too!)